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  1. Automating HP Recovery

    I get where you're coming from, but I'm not sure if this isn't really more work in the end. Some of the machines are DX2000's by HP, and they don't have a DVD drive, so I'm highly limited as far as choices of what to include on the disc goes. I tried buffing the DX2000 installation media from SP1 to SP2, that increased the image size to 900 megs though, which is a touch too much.
  2. Automating HP Recovery

    Is it just me, or is the explanation of how this is meant to work lacking? What about drivers for the various types of machines, etc.?
  3. Hi all. I have recently gotten a new job, at a somewhat smaller company than I am used to. We're looking at 1-200 machines total, nothing more. Compared to my old place of work with closer to 3000 machines running at any one time, it's quite the difference in pace. However, I have gotten so used to unattended set-ups that it's not even funny. We do a lot of stuff via group policies, such as deploying office etc. But the installation of Windows is done manually, by hand, each time. Using recovery discs, XP discs and locating drivers after.. etc. It's all very time consuming. My current boss doesn't really care, he says it's just a "keystroke when you pass it once in a while".. Me; I'm more of a "run it leave it" kind of guy, so I can focus on other tasks. Not to mention that some of these recovery media are without a service pack, some with SP1. At any rate, is there any way I can update these recovery media, in to one DVD - perhaps - as in, slipstreaming service packs and updates, and have the same functionality intact as before? (Perhabs not include some of the more... annoying Hewlett Packard bundled software.) I've searched and searched, but without much luck. I hope you can help me out here. I appreciate any and all help.
  4. An interesting problem, which might challenge you.

    I've used my own Corporate CD from home, and one I got from work.
  5. An interesting problem, which might challenge you.

    Aye, that's what I've been doing. A regular XP installation CD works just fine, but as soon as I do ANYTHING to it, it f***s up. I tried with just putting in the CD-key, still broke. I actually saw a glimpse of the message, something about not enough resources?
  6. An interesting problem, which might challenge you.

    *Bump* Can't anyone help a fellow out?
  7. Right. So at work, I am trying to make an unattended setup for our Corporate windows XP. The reason we need an unattended install, is because we need to strip it of all useless stuff, to make it run faster. They're going to be used at schools and the like, and they're old Compaq ENS/P866e machines. I can install the regular XP just fine, so I did, copied the hotfixes and integrated them into my tweaked setup and got ready to install. Error. I get as far as the first XP boot up, see the mouse cursor - then reboot. All. The. Time. I've tried everything I can think of. Not including any hotfixes, only including hotfixes, only stripping down, only making it an autoinstall. It's the same deal, no matter what I try. I've been making nLited installations for use at home for well over a year now, and I've never had these kinds of problems. If anyone might have an explanation, I'd greatly appreciate it. It should be mentioned, however, that we do have automated installations capable of running on these machines, via automated network install. So it is possible. Thanks for the great software!