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  1. PhreeZ


    @the_doc735: OemPnPDriversPath works with [OemInfFiles].
  2. PhreeZ

    AMD 64 Si3114 changed to Network install

    Try [OemInfFiles]
  3. PhreeZ

    Endless loop with nforce3 raid drivers

    try [OemInfFiles]
  4. PhreeZ

    nvidia nforce ide

    @cyberloner: check out the [OemInfFiles] method.
  5. PhreeZ

    Drivers on HD

    perhaps your drivers are being extracted after GUI-mode setup detects and installs your devices.
  6. PhreeZ

    Drivers on HD

    @THXTEX: if your drivers come with a .CAT file they should be WHQL. check setupapi.log in your WINDOWS folder see if you can find the device or the .INF you are trying to install.
  7. PhreeZ


    @Jackrip5: if you are using this method to install on your NVRAID, it should not interfere with any existing OemPnPDriversPath entries.
  8. PhreeZ

    Confused about drivers.

    @Mengha: it doesn't really matter what folder you put the drivers in. organize it as you see fit. just make sure the OemPnPDriversPath in your WINNT.SIF matches where you put the drivers.
  9. PhreeZ

    Drivers on HD

    @THXTEX: try removing %SYSTEMDRIVE% from the OemPnPDriversPath entry. i believe it should look as follows: [Unattended] OemPnPDriversPath="Drivers\Chipset;Drivers\Lan" are those drivers WHQL certified?
  10. PhreeZ

    install unsigned drivers?

    @n00b: try adding the [OemInfFiles] entries to your unattend.txt. let me know if you get it to work.
  11. @Levster: try using the nForce 7.13 PATARAID IDE drivers and the method i described HERE.
  12. PhreeZ


    i tried appending the OemDriverPathName entry with no success. the following two formats failed: OemPnPDriversPath="PATH1","PATH2" OemPnPDriversPath="PATH1;PATH2" it seems this method is limited to a single source path.
  13. PhreeZ

    LCD driver not installed

    @Dynaletik: try installing your monitor using the method i described HERE. let us know if you get it to work.