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    Hmm a little more information could be useuful and we might be able to help you.
  2. my one keeps deleting all my document files on my hdd , so i had to uninstall it and now it says that I have 500 viruses infected system files infected with a virus! which is not true! I have not got any,
  3. Okay ive posted this on another board, but got banned from posting there ever again, about this topic, but is there any programs out there that can convert DVD files into MPG. I tried like these s*** programs that i just recently downloaded but they donot work and they say the MPG conversaition cannot mix with VBO files. Now I was told that DVD Decrypteris the best to decrypt dvds, and i have it and i like it coz its easy to use, but whats the software i can download or get to so i can convert them to mpg...

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