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  1. Win98/ME/2000/XP Boot CD

    Hey I want to create a bootable CD where I have windows 98, Millennium, 2000 and XP on the same disc to install ... Who could help me with this ?
  2. When will Kira be born?

    december 25
  3. DNS Services

  4. ISP'S AGAINST RIAA : WE ARE NOT THE POLICE !!! A letter send with the agreement of a lot of providers in the Nedtherlands and some other countries (more than 100 providers signed) send to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has to prevent that the Internet Providers are becoming the police of the Internet ! RIAA is doing searches to fileswappers and sends request to get information about the user of the IP adresses that they want to follow to court. The Internet Providers are affraid that this is the first step to keep them responsible for the actions of their customers. To prevent that, the Internet Providers want to sit around the table with the RIAA, and discuss it. Source : webwereld.nl
  5. Remote Proceedure Call Vulnerability

    A hint that a lot of people don't know : If you get that screen, saying "Windows will reboot in ..:.." Press Start, Run and type shutdown /a Then you can download the patch, without the reboots And install a good firewall people... I don't understand why there are still so many people with port 135 open ...
  6. I need FREE hosting.

    Usually *FREE* hosting sucks ... Or you get banners, or you get popups, or you get a lame service, or you get a lame uptime and your website isn't reachable when you need it or the support has to be invented ... Better is to invest a little bit of money, cause nothing ain't free ! Even if it is $2,00, which goes to the people that maintain the hostings, it's worth it !!!
  7. Hosting Label

    Host Company name : Digital Solutions Belgium Location : Belgium, Antwerp Website : http://www.digisolutions.be Support Site : http://support.digisolutions.be Hosting in own management / datacenter : Own Management, datacenter in Belgium Speed : 622 mbit Quality of support : Super ! MSN/ICQ Support, LiveSupport, IRC Support ! Reply & solution in max. 1 hour Extra services : Full DNS Management General points : 9/10
  8. Maybe we could start a topic about hosters, and give them a quality label in here. Then users that are looking for one, have a nice overview. If you want to participate, fill in like this : Host Company name : Location : Website : Support Site : Hosting in own management / datacenter : Speed : Quality of support : Extra services : General points : Thanks !
  9. Best anti-virus software

    McAfee has a lot of problems Norton is very good, but also very heavy ... I'm using AVG6 and am very pleased about it. It is very light, works just fine, and with a little help of my .pl script, I have the updates just after they've been placed online
  10. anyone can help me?

    Start downloading Apache/PHP/MySQL Start installing Apache/PHP/MySQL Start configuring Apache/PHP/MySQL And when all that is done ...