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  1. Does someone have a reg edit file to open ports on the sp2 firewall. I need to open ports 12000 tcp 13000 tcp and 15000 udp on about 60 workstations.
  2. Unattended Network Settings?

    try downloading the answer file creation utility from microsoft here Use the file setupmgr.exe from the deployment tools to create your winnt.sif. Now when you create the answere file (winnt.sif) you can choose in the network components section, costom settings, then select internet protocol tcp/ip and press properties, now you can add your ip and sttuff.
  3. Winnt.sif Invalid Line

    try it this way: (replce map names you have, mine are dell drivers) OemPnPDriversPath="Drivers\gx240\network;Drivers\gx240\sound;Drivers\gx240\graphics;Drivers\gx260\network;Drivers\gx260\sound;Drivers\gx260\graphics;Drivers\gx270\network;Drivers\gx270\sound;Drivers\gx270\graphics;Drivers\c610\network;Drivers\c610\sound;Drivers\c610\graphics;Drivers\c610\touchpad;Drivers\d600\network;Drivers\d600\sound;Drivers\d600\graphics;Drivers\d600\touchpad"
  4. nope not needed, just delete it.
  5. How Many Times U Format Ur Pc

    Every saturday I Format my computer.
  6. We found something on Nlite, add Hibernation=No to winnt.sif We are testing it now, we will reply soon. [unattended] UnattendMode=DefaultHide OemPreinstall=Yes TargetPath=\WINDOWS OemPnPDriversPath="...." DriversigningPolicy=Ignore UnattendSwitch=yes OemSkipEula=Yes Repartition=Yes WaitForReboot=No AutoActivate=Yes Hibernation=No
  7. But tweaks are activated after the first logon. So no use for us
  8. I think it has something to do with hibernate?? But how to turn it off in or befroe the installation??
  9. thats the strange thing it isnt diffrent at all. We made a tuturial our own, so we made a new cd to check out the tutorial, so we rewritten the winnt.sif, exactly the same as the old one. And it worked. But the cd is 40 mb larger then the old 1, so maybe it isnt the winnt.sif. When we find what solved this we will post it.
  10. our deadline is today, plz help
  11. someone knows a solution to this?
  12. nope still black And esc returns the screen to normal, so i can logon.
  13. The bootscreen is working perfectly, I know how to make bootscreens. Im burning the new CD now, so you will hear the result soon.
  14. Ok, some info about our installation didnt use nlite