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  1. Are those all the hotfixes that appear on the Windows Update list (on a system with no hotfixes installed) initially on your system? I don't get quite as many as those. Are you using XP or 2003?
  2. Another thought came to me......... does installing the Drivers through "OemPnPDriversPath" cause the Helper Service to be enabled and automatic as well?
  3. Should I apply the registry tweak to disable the NVIDIA Helper Service *after* I've installed the actual drivers (that is if I install them the InstallShield way)?
  4. AFAIK, anything that is inside the $OEM$/$1 folder gets copied to the root of the XP drive, right? So, I think this might work (I haven't tested it yet so far): 1. In the $OEM$/$1 path, create a folder called "Windows". 2. Inside that folder, create another one called "Resources". 3. Inside that folder, create another one called "Themes". (If you've done this correctly the path will be "$OEM$/$1/Windows/Resources/Themes". Place your custom non-graphical (as in not using Luna-like styles) theme(s) in the above path. Now hopefully this should make XP copy your theme(s) to the right directory without you having to put it/them in a RAR file or whatever and decompressing it/them during installation. I have yet to test this, but I wonder if anyone can tell me whether this works or not?
  5. Hey, that reminds me of a question I feel like asking.... does Plus! XP install a modified UXTheme.dll for the extra themes it provides?
  6. Recently a new set of NVidia display drivers, 45.23, was officially released. The Win2K/XP edition appears to be WHQL certified, so does this mean I could delete the DriverSigningPolicy line and it would still install correctly?
  7. Well, 95 would come in handy if I want to sort things out ultra quick, and 98 I could use for some more advanced stuff that 95 likely can't handle. Thanks for the switch info anyway!
  8. Actually, come to think of it - how can I make it allow me to choose the filesystem for the chosen partition? I might want to choose the full format each time instead of quick format...
  9. Do you have to patch UXTheme.dll if you want to use a modified theme based off Windows Classic???
  10. I intend to make a multi-boot system. Say I chose to set out my two 40Gb hard disks as the following: C: Win95OSR2 - FAT32 - 2Gb D: Win98SE - FAT32 - 4Gb E: Apps9x - FAT32 - 5Gb F: Swap9x - FAT32 - 2Gb G: WinXP - NTFS - 8Gb H: AppsXP - NTFS - 5Gb I: SwapXP - NTFS - 2Gb J: Games - FAT32 - 20Gb K: Spare Stuff - FAT32 - 20Gb I install the two 9x OSes first. So I want to be able to manually choose the partition I want to install XP in, and make it do the rest afterwards. Are there any settings that will allow me to do so?
  11. I was wondering if there were any more names I could add to [Components] that aren't in ref.chm or on the XP Unattended site?
  12. Or, as I worked out today, if you have two CD drives, and you've made 2 CDs (making sure the correct drive letters are used), simply insert both discs at startup and relax!
  13. Ah, I must have missed that bit totally. Trust one not to read the whole article carefully! Thankies for the speedy reply as well.
  14. Simply put, if you choose to take the advanced road (while others take the simple road, and will likely succeed befoooooooooooooooore you! *ahem* ) and carry out the Administrative Installation thingy, the total size of the folder will come to 600+Mb. Now, this leaves me with one simple question to ask - how on earth will you be able to make a working XP disc with Office XP bundled on it - if the initial XP files alone take up a huge chunk of the CD space as it is? The rest of your guide seems to indicate that this large folder should be added to the collection of $OEM$ folders. Now unless you use a DVD or find some clever, technical way of cramming much more data onto a 700Mb CD (and I've seen some CDs/ISOs/whatnot before that contain data going way past the 700Mb limit, as if by magic), I really don't think it's gonna be possible at all to make the both of them get along together at once. Unless there could be some swap disc mechanism implemented (although that would probably defeat the point of an 'unattended' install come to think of it)? Enlighten me.
  15. It appears to be only recently that it has ceased becoming available for download.... was it unpopular?
  16. The elby.ch website doesn't list it in the system requirements, yet lots of main download sites such as Download.com claim it does support 95. Has it ever been tested on that OS I ask?
  17. Thanks very much for the pretty fast reply!
  18. Cos I'd like to add the ability to disable this Plug & Play thingy altogether in my unattended script. Any answers?
  19. Thanks, but that's how it was set-up already on my XP system. Still doesn't solve the CD problem however.
  20. You mean the "Open each folder in the same window" option? It may be useful for some peeps, but it's not really useful for me as I'm too used to the classic 9x approach of dealing with multiple directories in multiple windows at once.
  21. First off, the MS IntelliPoint and IntelliType apps appear to have a little problem - loading the MSI directly doesn't seem to work, as it instead demands you load up the setup.exe file two directories earlier. And the Soundblaster Live! XP Driver Pack is truly too much of a beast to understand... does anyone know of any 'unattend' instructions to make this easier for moi? Thanks.
  22. Hi all, thought I'd make my debut appearance here on the MSFN board. This looks like a really helpful board, so maybe you lot could help me out with this problem: One of *the* most irritating things about XP is that it *always* opens new (as in not examined before) folders, and folders on a non-writable media such as CD, in a ridiculously huge window size, which looks uncomfortable to work around in, whatever file view setting you have set up. It's even worse on CD though, because at least XP can remember your *exact* view settings for directories on an HD (whether this is temporary or permanent I am not sure). On disc, even after you alter the size, close the window then immediately re-open the folder afterwards, it keeps bloody defaulting back to the horrible huge balloon size that would amazingly fill the whole screen if you were using a pretty low resolution such as 800x600 (which appears to be the default res for XP). I've asked for help on this numerous times on Annoyances.org, but hardly anyone ever replies to me on this matter. Is it really an impossible task? I would absolutely LOVE it if any of you could give out some helpful advice on this matter. Thankies!!!

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