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  1. roma

    Thanks nuhi

    Thanks nuhi for the creation of vLite an making it available to all of us. Nothing more, just a BIG thank you!!
  2. roma

    VistaSP1 Problem

    LOL.... did you leave anything in it at all? Ok, isn't it so that Vista creates a restore point before the removal of items? Could it be this creating an error since you did not include System Restore in your installation? In know other, 3rd party software does sometimes create a restore point. If it is not possible because that function is not available, it just continues with installing. But Vista own trigger might error if System Restore is not available. Just a theory...
  3. roma

    VistaSP1 Problem

    I was looking for a file named "setup" instead instead of looking in to the folder..... goodmorning So here it is, Thanks for pointing this out for me (and again... and again... ) ; vLite preset file [Information] Version = 1.1.1 on 2.0.50727.1434 Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6001 Service Pack 1 Target = Windows Vista ULTIMATE 32-bit - 6.0.6001.18000 - English (United States) Service Pack 1 [Compatibility] Aero Glass Internet Explorer System Restore [CustomHide] [Components] ;# Accessories # Accessibility Mobility Center Paint Snipping Tool Speech Support System Information Welcome Center ;# Drivers # Display adapters Diva Server Ethernet network adapters Modems Printers-Apollo Printers-Canon Printers-Citizen Printers-Dell Printers-Diconix Printers-Epson Printers-Fuji Xerox Printers-Fujitsu Printers-Generic printer Printers-Gestetner Printers-HP Printers-IBM Printers-Infotec Printers-Konica Printers-Konica Minolta Printers-Kyocera Mita Printers-Lanier Printers-Lexmark Printers-Minolta Printers-Minolta-QMS Printers-NEC Printers-NRG Printers-Oce Printers-Oki Printers-Okidata Printers-Olivetti Printers-Panasonic Printers-QMS Printers-Ricoh Printers-Samsung Printers-Savin Printers-Seikosha Printers-Sharp Printers-Sony Printers-Star Printers-Tally Printers-Tektronix Printers-Wipro ePeripherals Printers-Xerox QLogic Fibre Channel Adapter ;# Games # Game Explorer Inbox Games Premium Inbox Games ;# Hardware Support # Fax Support Modem Support Smartcards Windows Mobile Device Center ;# Languages # Japanese Korean Simplified Chinese Table Driven Text Input Processor Traditional Chinese ;# Multimedia # Music and Video samples Sample Pictures Screensavers Wallpapers Windows Calendar Windows Photo Gallery Windows Photo Viewer ;# Network # Connect to a Network Projector Internet Information Services (IIS) Windows Mail ;# Services # Diagnostics Error Reporting Microsoft DFS Replication Remote Registry Windows Search ;# System # Beep BitLocker Drive Encryption Disk Defragmenter Jet Database Engine Manual Install (Setup.exe) Microsoft Agent Natural Language Parental Controls Performance Counters Reliability and Performance Monitor Tablet PC Windows Backup Windows Easy Transfer Windows Picture and Fax Viewer (Shimgvw) Zip Folder [Options] DEP (Data Execution Prevention) = Default User Account Control (UAC) = Enabled AntiSpyware Realtime Protection = Default AutoPlay = Enabled Paging Executive = Enabled Power scheme = Balanced Power button = Default Sleep button = Default Hibernation = Off Memory requirement = Default Control Panel - Classic View = Enabled Show hidden files and folders = Yes Show protected operating system files = No Show extensions for known file types = No IE Phishing Filter = Enabled IE Phishing Verification Ballon Tips = Enabled [Protection] [Drivers] E:\Unzipped\LAPTOP1\Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility\Intel INF Update Utility v8.3.1.1009\Vista\5000XZVP.inf C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel Matrix Storage Manager\driver\iaAHCI.inf E:\Downloads\JMB36X_WinDrv_WHQL_R1.17.31WHQL\R1.17.31.00\Application\jmide\jmide.inf E:\Downloads\JMB36X_WinDrv_WHQL_R1.17.31WHQL\R1.17.31.00\Driver\x32\jraid_i.inf E:\Downloads\Windows Vista x86 Driver for Yukon Devices v10.53.2.3\yk60x86.inf E:\Downloads\174.20_vista\nvct.inf E:\Unzipped\LAPTOP1\Ricoh Flash Media Card Reader v3.50.03\Rimmptsk.inf E:\Downloads\Synaptics_Driver_v10_1_8_Vista32\synhid.inf E:\Downloads\Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN v11.5.0.0\Disk\Vista\Drivers\v32\NETw2.inf C:\Program Files\IVT Corporation\BlueSoleil\smwithonly.inf C:\Program Files\IVT Corporation\BlueSoleil\device\Win2k\blueletaudio.inf C:\Program Files\IVT Corporation\BlueSoleil\driver\usb\btcusb.inf C:\Program Files\NDAS\Drivers\ndasbus.inf [Unattended] SpecRegional AcceptEULA NetworkLoc = 1 ProtectPC = 1 [Hotfixes] [LanguagePacks]
  4. roma

    VistaSP1 Problem

    Sorry, don't have it anymore. Installed vLite on my previous installation to create a vLited Vista SP1 disk. With that I did a clean install so the previous installation is gone. I also threw the installation DVD away since by the time I want to do a new install there is most likely a new vLite version out to make an new installation disk with. Sorry I can't be of more help to you.
  5. roma

    VistaSP1 Problem

    I have vLited the SP1 version without any problem. Can not tell you anymore what options I took out with vLite since I did a clean install with the light version, but I took out a lot. So far no problems at all and the Vista install runs very nice. Only option I took out I shouldn't was the Desktop Search. Because of this Instant Search in Outlook 2007 isn't working (I know, I was told so by vLite...). So if I could get that back in I'm 100% satisfied instead of 99% ;-) I can disable Windows features as it should. No problems so far after a few days running.
  6. Is there a work around available to fix this without the need for a new install of Vista (Lite)? It seems the Desktop Search or Instant Search function is only as a download available for XP or Server 2003.
  7. roma

    KB941649 problems...

    Still doesn't install. Failure through Windows Update and doing the manual update. This one doesn't want to install on my system...
  8. Hi, Auto update and with manual update I'm unable to install MS update KB941649. Any chance this might have to do with the fact my Vista install is a vLite installation?
  9. roma

    Just a thanks nuhi

    Running a vLite 0.9 Ultimate install since the release of 0.9. Took out a lot of, for me, uninteresting Windows options and software and replaced them with my third party soft. Also placed the needed drivers in my ISO. So far didn't run in to any problems that could be vLite related. So, just a thank you note for offering the possibility to modify a Windows installation to your own needs before installing. Thanks nuhi!
  10. You mean your Go To button in the quick view window is greyed out?
  11. All the options in the quickview toolbar work, except the first button "Go to Gallery". This option does not work since the Gallery function is not installed and also does not give an error. You just click it, nothing happens. For me this is the functionality I had in mind. My next step is to tweak this button so it goes to my own gallery software, Adobe photoshop Elements 5. But this is beyond the scope of vLite.
  12. Hi, Some feedback on v0.6 I used with the MSDN RTM Vista edition (Business). I checked both Windows Photo Gallery and TabletPC so they would not install with the ISO I was creating (besides various other options ofcourse). I have some feedback about the result on these settings. Files I put back, mentioned below, are from another full Vista install. First: As you know, choosing Windows Photo Gallery not to install leaves Vista without a quick photo/picture viewer. When trying to open a jpg file, an error pops up that certain files can't be found. Since I like to use the viewer and slideshow option, but do not want the Photo Gallery software I put the following files back in the Windows Photo Gallery directory: ChangeMetadata.wav ImagingEngine.dll PhotoBase.dll PhotoClassic.dll PhotoLibraryResources.dll PhotoViewer.dll VideoViewer.dll And the directory en-us with the files: PhotoClassic.dll.mui PhotoLibraryResources.dll.mui PhotoViewer.dll.mui VideoViewer.dll.mui I needed to register 2 or 3 dll's in Windows with the regsvr32 command, but do not recall which. Do them all if you want, only the files that need to be registered will be, the others won't and just give an error. I know have the full use of the viewer, the slideshow but not the Gallery. Pressing the gallery button in the viewer gives no error, it just does nothing. For gallery and management I use other software. Second: I checked TabletPC so it's functions did not install. I also installed Office 2007. Document Imaging (not Scanning) and Microsoft OneNote gave me errors. The installer kept popping up every time and it took ages for Document Imaging to load. I checked the logs and the following error was logged at the points I tried to start one of the mentioned programs: I replaced that dll in the system32 directory, problem not solved: Both are part of the TabletPC functions, something with handwriting. After replacing both files my problems with both Document Imaging and OneNote are over. Last: Thanks for this great, free tool. It's great to decide what to install before you start. The above is just for reference and feedback and for users that encounter the same issues.
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