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  1. No, it doesn't, I tried that. It still continues to go through the rest of the alphabet even after matching the file. Then, after going through the alphabet it doesn't even set the variable, it tries to set the variable as "D: && goto next". It's weird, it will work in the XP version of the command prompt, but when I try it with the MS-DOS 7 boot disk, it doesn't. EDIT: I did accomplish the task with this command: SET CDROM=C IF EXIST %CDROM%:\whatever.txt GOTO done SET CDROM=D IF EXIST %CDROM%:\whatever.txt GOTO done SET CDROM=E IF EXIST %CDROM%:\whatever.txt GOTO done SET CDROM=F IF EXIST %CDROM%:\whatever.txt GOTO done SET CDROM=G IF EXIST %CDROM%:\whatever.txt GOTO done SET CDROM=H IF EXIST %CDROM%:\whatever.txt GOTO done SET CDROM=I IF EXIST %CDROM%:\whatever.txt GOTO done SET CDROM=J IF EXIST %CDROM%:\whatever.txt GOTO done SET CDROM=K IF EXIST %CDROM%:\whatever.txt GOTO done SET CDROM=L IF EXIST %CDROM%:\whatever.txt GOTO done SET CDROM=M IF EXIST %CDROM%:\whatever.txt GOTO done SET CDROM=N IF EXIST %CDROM%:\whatever.txt GOTO done SET CDROM=O IF EXIST %CDROM%:\whatever.txt GOTO done SET CDROM=P IF EXIST %CDROM%:\whatever.txt GOTO done SET CDROM=Q IF EXIST %CDROM%:\whatever.txt GOTO done SET CDROM=R IF EXIST %CDROM%:\whatever.txt GOTO done SET CDROM=S IF EXIST %CDROM%:\whatever.txt GOTO done SET CDROM=T IF EXIST %CDROM%:\whatever.txt GOTO done SET CDROM=U IF EXIST %CDROM%:\whatever.txt GOTO done SET CDROM=V IF EXIST %CDROM%:\whatever.txt GOTO done SET CDROM=W IF EXIST %CDROM%:\whatever.txt GOTO done SET CDROM=X IF EXIST %CDROM%:\whatever.txt GOTO done SET CDROM=Y IF EXIST %CDROM%:\whatever.txt GOTO done SET CDROM=Z IF EXIST %CDROM%:\whatever.txt GOTO done Still I would like to use the for command if at all possible.
  2. I am working on making a stardard dos bootup disk. In the autoexec file I am using this command to get the cd drive lettter: FOR %%i IN (C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO IF EXIST %%i:\whatever.txt SET CDROM=%%i: The problem I'm having is I have more than one CDROM drive, and when it gets to the second drive (with no disk present) it automatically says something like: Error Accessing E:\ Abort, Retry, or Fail? Which messes up the automation of the autoexec. Is there a way that I can make the FOR command end as soon as it finds the first cdrom drive? I tried this but it did not work: FOR %%i IN (C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO IF EXIST %%i:\whatever.txt SET CDROM=%%i: && goto next OR, would there be a way were it goes ahead and scans through all the drives, but continues regardless of an error?
  3. No you misunderstood me, I meant get a new processor because the other one is potentially damaged. If I got a new processor, it would be in addition to a new heatsink and fan. I've got a Shuttle AK32E motherboard, and the case is some old crap from a computer show. I don't have any other fans besides the one on the CPU and power supply (my graphics card doesn't need one-- I think, it's a GeForce2 MX400). However, my case is constanly open, so the system temperature is around 80F. I would say the case is also a problem becuase the power supply sits right in front of where the heatsink and fan are (with about an inch gap). I will invest in a new case and heasink & fan. Thermaltake sounds fine, as for the sound, I don't care. A constant sound helps me to sleep at night. How can I tell if my processor is damaged, it turns on and appears to be working. Will there be a loss in performance?
  4. My computer has been crashing a lot the past week or two, and I couldn't figure out why. I though perhaps it was bad ram. But, after swapping out RAM, that wasn't it. Then I started looking at the CPU temp. I left my computer in BIOS where it shows the CPU temperature; I came back about 45 min. later and it read 208 degrees F (that's about 100 C)!!!! And that is when it was idle!! It must be getting A LOT hotter when it suddenly shuts down. First of all, should I get a new CPU? I mean the one I have (Athlon 2400+) is still running, it hasn't stopped working. The max CPU I can get with my current mobo is an Athlon XP 2600+ (which will cost me $85 from newegg). What kind of fan & heasink should I get? I want to keep my CPU as cool as possible, without spending more that about $30. I have no idea what kind of heatsink/fan I have now, some cheap one the computer guy suggested when I bought my new mobo/cpu about a year ago. Just out of pure curiousity, what temperature does a CPU die? I have no idea why mine hasn't already at those temp. Edit: oh BTW, after reading that 208F temperature, I'm not even turning on my computer.
  5. Perhaps if you posted your RunOnceEx, and which Registry entries you are trying to change permissions for, I can help you a little better.
  6. For anyone who cares, I figured it out. And I used daemonscript too--thanks zoster. It took a little registry investigation, thank heavens for RegShot, but here's the process (I did this on Alcohol 120%, so if on some future release it doesn't work, don't blame me-- and if you can't get it to work on this release don't blame me either ). 1) Install Alcohol without rebooting 2) Load the following entries into the registry: ;Register [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Alcohol Soft\Alcohol 120%\Info] "UserName"="Admin" "SerialNo"="xxxxxxx" [HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Alcohol Soft\Alcohol 120%\Info] "UserName"="Admin" "SerialNo"="xxxxxxx" ;Path to Alcohol [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\Alcohol.exe] "Path"="C:\\Program Files\\Alcohol Soft\\Alcohol 120\\" ;Add "Mount" on Virtual Device's context menu [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Drive\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\AlcoholShellEx] @="{32020A01-506E-484D-A2A8-BE3CF17601C3}" Note: Just to explain the registry code above a little better: The register part is what you need to use Alcohol--duh! If you don't include it, DaemonScript will create a drive but it won't work properly. I use CURRENT_USER and USERS\.DEFAULT, so the currently logged in user (me) and any account that gets created after, will be registered with Alcohol. Next the path to Alcohol is needed for DaemonScript to find Alcohol. If you don't include it, it will say Alcohol is not installed (the error I got in my previous post). The last key is so when you right click on the virtual drive in My Computer it will have the "mount" sub-menu. Obviously if you don't include it "mount" will not be on the menu. 3) Run the following command DaemonScript.exe VD1.daemonscript I attatched both DaemonScript.exe and the script (VD1.daemonscript) in a zip. Now your Virtual Drive should be working properly under My Computer. Well I really didn't test it thoroughly, as in I didn't mount anything, I just made sure it was there. Hopefully it will all work in my upcoming unattended CD. MCT, yes yes I have all that stuff. I've ran into this problem before when working with certificates. I think Windows blocks access to certain keys for security reasons. Which in this case includes keys for loading device drivers, messing with hardware, etc.
  7. Well ZoSTeR, everything was looking good for daemonscript, until I uninstalled Alcohol 120%, reinstalled it, and then tried again. Apparently if you haven't run Alcohol 120% at least once it returns the error "Alcohol 120% is not installed", even after rebooting.
  8. Try this tool http://homepages.cae.wisc.edu/~micro/regperm/
  9. Well yes, all the alcohol settings are in the registry. But in order for alcohol to do anything with them, alcohol needs to be started. Let's not get off topic, what I'm trying to do is just have alcohol auto set up the virtual drive immediately following installation.
  10. Sharky, I downloaded sleep.exe from another post, and I have no idea what it is for or how to use it. Does it just run for a specified amount of time and then close? If that's the case, I have no idea when alcohol will finish installing the device--maybe a minute, perhaps two minutes. It just doesn't sound like a very reliable way to do things. MCT, I just tried that, apparently there are certain registry entries that cannot be accessed through .reg files. I recieve an error (i attatched a screenshot)
  11. Anyone know of a way to have alcohol auto set up the virtual drive right after installation? Usually it does it on it's first load, but I would like the virtual drive to be there right after my runoncex restarts. I suppose I could auto open the application, but if I did that, I would have to close it, and I don't know of anyway for it to auto close itself after it loads the virtual drive.
  12. Oh well zippy, at least the first one is original (I hope) edmoncu, that would just be too easy
  13. Method 1 Create a file called cdrom.cmd, and put it in the $OEM$ directory of your unattended cd. In cdrom.cmd put: echo set cdrom=%cd:~0,2%>>%systemdrive%\autoexec.bat Save the file. Now add: "cdrom.cmd" to your cmdlines.txt file. This method will return your CD-ROM drive as system variable %cdrom% in the format of “X:” Note: The system variable %cdrom% will not be available until the computer restarts. If you are only doing it for RunOnceEx, it should work just fine. Method 2 Get setx.exe from your XP cd under “X:\support\tools\support.cab”, and put it in “$OEM\$$\System32” folder. In your cmdlines.txt, add: "setx cdrom -k HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup\SourcePath" This method will return your CD-ROM drive as system variable %cdrom% in the format of “X:\” Final note: These methods will only work if you install windows from a CD.
  14. Is there a way to install certificates silently? I've downloaded Microsoft's certmgr.exe, and I use the command: certmgr /add yahoopops.cer /s root but apparently when trying to install certificates to root, it return with a yes|no dialogue (which I attached). Is there a parameter I can use with certmgr, or a different tool that will not show this message, maybe even a way to "slipstream" certificates?
  15. Is there a way to set a registry value as a variable using the command prompt?

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