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  1. Hi could you please tell me what I need to keep to let modem dial-up work? thanks Matt
  2. Hi I work at a University that create thier own image for us install (all setting and programs etc). They don't want to make an image for the few AMD machines we have in our school, and we can only use certified images. So I was wondering if there was a way for me to make the present intel image work on the AMD machines. The machine just keeps rebooting, I can get into safe mode but not much else. Thank you for any help. Matt
  3. Link :- AssetsSoSimple I am trying to get this most comprehensive asset management software working with phpdev 423 (link at bottom), but am only getting a blank page, my config page is at the bottom. If anyone could help with my problem I would be grateful. I managed to get the simple assets working but am stuck with this one. Thank you Matt phpdev 423 :- http://www.firepages.com.au/ Config file:- $org_name = "God"; // your organization name $ip = "localhost"; // mysql server name $sql_db = "assetssosimple"; // enter a db name (if left blank, is autogenerated based on URL) $sql_login = "XXX"; // mysql login $sql_pass = "XXX"; // mysql password $emp_db = ""; // do not change, should be blank $demo_mode = false; $use_access_level = false; $use_ip_details = true; $use_asset_categories = false; // asset categories are not needed, please see Assetcategories table example $use_asset_barcode = true; // GD support for PHP must be enabled. Use this if you need to generate barcode images. Please see license.txt in barcode folder $contact_name = "Matt"; $contact_email = "XXX";; $DIR_ROOT = "/phpdev/www/assets"; // from Bradabra, this is root directory, relative to the root path of server (PLEASE do not include last slash) $App_url = "http://localhost"; // Can be http or https ! $pdflogo = 'images/logo.jpg'; // for pdf $currency = "£"; // this is still in use for rfqs and pdf, since i18n package needs to be changed for left and right currency position $tax = 0.175; // used for rfqs and pdf $language = ""; //default language, setting this to "en" overrules all other language settings and uses english $max_hours = 24; // default settings for timesheets, dbabic, 02/02/2005 $asset_image_folder = 'images/imgs'; $asset_image_size = 256000; // maximum image & pdf size for assets, dbabic, 17/11/2005
  4. mad_mattx

    nLite 1.1

    Posibility to clear desktop icons and include customised start menus (icons). I usually do it in a batch file but it is not perfect my two cents
  5. thanks nuhi, I will try the final asap. Good work Matt
  6. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BG1WJKC0 This is a style its not a theme mate, so no theme file I got it to work, but as I said you need to select the style after windows installs. PS. the guy that created the origional file did not get back to me, so please do not add it to the front page. Matt
  7. Thanks for your answer, though I did NOT mean the one you have linked to....but the light version of that same Visual Style you can find here I could give it a go but no promises now.
  8. nope, this is straight off of the web site http://en.crystalxp.net/bricopack-vista-inspirat.php
  9. http://d01.megashares.com/?d01=c3b7bffc23f...8054470f56a42b6 extra source added, not tried to download yet can someone please verify it is not corupt please Thanks alsiladka for the site Matt
  10. go throught this http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=16709
  11. it works. I think the main thing to realise is that this is the only app you need to integrate. Of course you still need to determine whether a cab file is an app or an update. then you should copy the apps (need to extract it from the cab) to the SVCPACK directory and add the necessary command line to the launcher.ini that is in the SVCPACK directory. So in reality when you know the silent commands (should be in the ini file in the cab, if you got the app from a cab) for an app you just need to add it to the launcher.ini, no need to make a cab.
  12. PDFCreator.exe;/VERYSILENT;X;PDF Creator - PDF Printer It did not like my switch I don't think it ran either. Matt wait think i done stuff wrong Matt

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