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  1. MySQL Tutorials

    it looks like you might be well on your way, but if you have any questions feel free to contact (email) tehkubix or I, but preferabbly tehkubix, as he knows much more about mysql and php then i could dream of
  2. spacing-left?

    ok sorry about the dumb advice lol
  3. spacing-left?

    whoops..well what i meant was <left> and </left> but did you try <div align="left"></div> ?
  4. spacing-left?

    well it's not through css...but can't you just use "<center></center>"?
  5. contact form for ipb

    alright that might help, thank you tarun!
  6. Hey everybody, I'm trying to do a contact form to integrate into IPB and I know how to make the contact part of it, but I'd like to make it have my IPB style theme, so like the background and the board header and footer, could someone help me with this? Thanks
  7. could anyone direct me to a good rollover button tutorial for Photoshop or if i could just have the code for it, basically what i want to do is have a image that is "uploads/click%20here.png" rollover to "uploads/nbrt.png" and have it link to http://mail.google.com/hosted/cgz09.com/ does anyone know how to do this? Thanks!
  8. didn't Chozo4 already tell you that firefox already has this feature, i mean what's the point?
  9. i would recommend clicking on the link in my signature..they have awesome packages, the first one being 100 MB adless and the next one up is 1000 MB with Textlink ads, the highest free one is 2500 MB space with Banner Ads (Yahoo Publisher) (they all have WYSIWYG editors) if you would like to sign up for this, here is the link
  10. Install Win 2000PRO over XP

    I've got two options for you but would just prefer you try this Bootable CD Guide since you have other computers, you could get the cd and copy it to your hard drive, then run nero and follow that Boot CD guide, you also might wanna find a "boot.ima" file, as this will be what it boots from. The other desperate option you could try(only, if only the first one doesn't work) is you could put your hard drive on one of your other computer, and load it up and go into Win explorer, go to my computer, find your hard drive you just inserted, then right click>format, then you wouldn't have to install over xp Hope that helped!
  11. After install XP freezes at logo but works in safe

    i dunno, i just made it up but like it's a quick BSOD (blue screen of death) but you can't see it (I wonder if it's real).
  12. After install XP freezes at logo but works in safe

    sounds sorta like a blind BSOD
  13. Slimmed Down Xp Vs Beefy Xp

    If you format C: (drive with Windows) you still have to reinstall all the programs on another drive unless you save registry on a disc or something similar.