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  1. Yes IECORE is installed. but im still not able to run these both that required IECORE. anyone know why?
  2. it's the WMI services. it required that services to run DHCP. WMI is under Services. Don't remove that if you want to use DHCP Services.
  3. no.. i know what.. it's all be checked. the visual tab.. the function it's been removed by nilite... so the drop shadow for icon will not be functioning.. someone please helppp
  4. Pleaseeee... i can't find which component caused it.. i try to uncheck all the services component.. the desktop drop icon shadow still not there.. i tried to uncheck all the operating system component.. the shadow it's not there. help me please.. if someone know which component to get back the desktop drop shadow icon
  5. i don't know which component that remove the effect of 3d fonts with shadow at desktop.. please tell me which component is the cause of it please
  6. Help mE!! i did not remove the DHCP service.. why it failed to run?? isit some other component that i remove that affect this??? Please help
  7. suta

    Lite Windows

    Hello.. i used the lastsession.ini provided on the first post. after the installation.. i got this 0x80070002 said microsoft could not find license key or something like that.. cant get in to window.. thought it was my problem. so i re nlite it again.. and install.. the same problem .
  8. right.. the first time.. i remove everything that is in white.. i did not touch the red components. i installed it.. tried to install nividia graphic card and the via hyperionpro hardware. and both stated can't detect any hardware. i thought it might be the hardware components that caused it. the 2nd time.. i only remove all the driver. leaving other components untocuhed. still can't detect.. 3rd i tried to remove only hardware.. Can't detect again...... why is that so?
  9. Nlite.. when i tried to install VIA Package. and nividia graphic card.. it appear cant find supported hardware.. i did not remove things that are in red.. only all the stuff from driver page.. is the cause of this problem relate to the drivers i remove?
  10. i install OS using vmware trying it out.. but things i can try is limited.. when i run IE i can't get into the internet it said search for proxy why? and can i install application how do i move installer files in VMWARE?
  11. i was wondering if that support folder can be safely deleted? and one more question.. will i be able to install msn messenger if i uninstall internet explorer using nlite?
  12. dear mates, first of all i say HELLO while i am conducting a cd project relating to multi-boot options,i discovered that i am in need of 3 FILES from MS WINDOWS 95 or 95a or 95b, but NOT 95C[WIN95 OSR2.5]. THESE THREE FILES ARE : EXPLORER.EXE COMDLG32.DLL SHELL32.DLL
  13. hi... can anyone repost it please.... after the finishing countdown.. it stated Invalid Download session.. so anyone who had downloaded it.. please kindly do a repost.. thanks
  14. 98 http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e211/sutax/Desktopx.jpg
  15. where is the ME pack by this week TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR! Im Power Puff Girl!
  16. hello Mdgx, why don't you include the msn gaming zone? its nice.. convinient and so much better to find opponent online..
  17. Note : The 95 files should be from an early version of Windows 95 that does NOT have the dreaded Internet Explorer "integrated" into the OS. im trying on the mindows, but i dont understand what it means stated above.. which 95 version i should use?? i do a search there is 5 version of 95 Windows 95 retail, OEM 4.00.950 7/11/95 Windows 95 retail SP1 4.00.950A 7/11/95-12/31/95 OEM Service Release 2 4.00.1111* (4.00.950B) 8/24/96 OEM Service Release 2.1 4.03.1212-1214* (4.00.950B) 8/24/96-8/27/97 OEM Service Release 2.5 4.03.1214* (4.00.950C) 8/24/96-11/18/97 and i have OSR 2.1 <- can i use this? if yes, is there any diff between 2.5 and 2.1 ? this is the files needed to be replaced explorer.exe comdlg32.dll shell32.dll notepad.exe
  18. Age Of Empire 3 only support on XP, Anyone can help? to make it playable on 98. thx
  19. Anyone out there Like MDGX that can make any possible way for msn 7.5 instal on win98... THANKS YOU
  20. I just installed a Clean WinME, after i installed all the update, i do a check, My Picture Slide Show is still working fine, after using 98Lite to remove some ME components, and it edits kind of inf file, after the restart, This errors cames out 'WiaMgr.Devices.Length' is null or not object Any ME user have the same problem before? Please give some solution to solve this.
  21. hi Tokugawapants Beautiful wallpaper u have got, mind sharing it

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