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  1. I'm thinking that Gape's Service Pack replaces the original Defrag with a different one. Is the Win ME version of Defrag the one that comes in the Unofficial 98SE Service Pack? ivman
  2. I think you mean different shells for the rendering engine. Yes, there are. Maxthon, Avant, etc. Not a chance. All the vulnerabilities are in the rendering engine. Shells won't change that. SeaMonkey. I am using Seamonkey as I type this. I downloaded the new version Seamonkey 1.0.6 and installed it this morning. I like it. I use KerioPersonalFirewall 2.1.5 and AVG 7 on my computer. I also you IProtect You v 3.06 for filtering. One of the things it does is filter ads. Is browsing with Seamonkey safe for my Win98SE machine with those safeguards in place? Thanks! ivman
  3. Just this week I've started to play with ResHacker. I know almost nothing about the program, so my question may be a dumb one. Here goes anyway.... Can you use ResHacker to do what you're describing above? ivman
  4. I just ran across something called Windows 98 Customizer and wondered if this is a good tool or not. It's from Ahmer Creations. ivman
  5. ivman


    Thanks, Charles. I had *not* seen that. I downloaded Sylpheed through a software download site. On that site it said it was for Win9x, and all the usuals. ivman
  6. ivman


    I click on Sylpheed.exe, I get a busy cursor like something is going on, then the cursor reverts back to the regular cursor, without the program's having opened. Sylpheed does not appear in the task list, so it's not even running in the background. I'll counter with a question - what do you mean "Kernel Update"? I don't have a clue what that is or how to "try" it. ivman
  7. ivman


    I thought I'd try out the email program called Sylpheed. I downloaded it yesterday at work (faster connection than here at home) and installed it on the XP machine in my office. Very nice looking email program! I brought it home and installed it on my Win98SE machine here at home. It installed fine, but the program will not open. On the Sylpheed site, it *says* it should work on Win98SE. Have any of you had the experience of Sylpheed not working in 98SE? Have any of you had the program work for you? Thanks in advance for any input! ivman
  8. Have you tried hitting Ctrl+Shift ? ivman
  9. Here are a few links to get you started. I studied Mandarin last fall and needed to be able to input Simplified Chinese in Word 97. The information and downloads on the pages below helped me be able to do that. Install Microsoft Global IME 5.02 for 32-bit Windows, downloadable from http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/ie6/do...me/install.mspx http://www.mandarintools.com http://chinalinks.osu.edu/c-links2.htm ivman
  10. I'm re-doing my computer from scratch and am wondering what is the best version of QuickTime to install with Win98SE. ivman
  11. I was told that Adobe Type Manager Light 4.1 for Windows 95/98 is the right way: http://www.adobe.com/products/atmlight/index.html Petr Thanks, Petr! It works great! ivman
  12. Is it possible to use .otf (open type fonts) with Windows 98SE? If so, how can get them install and be usable? Thanks in advance! ivman
  13. I can highly recommend a little program called Desktop Architect 2.11. I have used it for years, and with it I can tweak all the various colors on the Appearance tab. You can use either the drop-down menu to get to the part of the display you want to change or you can click on that object on the left and it will pop to the desired drop-down. You can save your changes as a "theme" or just apply them. You can read about the program by scrolling down to it at http://www.desktopstarships.com/programs.html Or you can download it immediately at http://www.desktopstarships.com/Downloads/Programs/da211.zip Hope this is of help to you. ivman
  14. appp is right. ivman is wrong! sure, RJARRRPCGP, the Wintop powertoy is listed on a Win95 page but Wintop works on all Win9xME systems. I ran Wintop under Win98, 98se & ME and it worked just fine on those 9x versions of Windows. I'm serious! This is ivman reporting back in. Actually, I was not speaking as an expert on the app - I was just going by what info was on the site. Here's what I actually said in my only post on this subject: "On the site you gave, it says specifically *not* to use that PowerToy with Win98. Have you had any problems using it with 98SE? Just wondering why they say not to...." Are there not apps made for Win95 that WON'T work on Win98?!? When the page specifically says not to use the app on Win98SE, what was I to assume? How can one be "wrong" when all he does is quote the info on the download site?!? Sheesh! You might more correctly say the download site is wrong. Since then, on the recommendations of others on this thread, I *have* tried it on my Win98SE, and it works fine on my computer too. ivman
  15. Nope, sorry to blow that theory, Miko. I don't have an Nvidia graphics card. Finally through some creative Googling, I found an answer to my problem at http://www.msusenet.com/archive/index.php/t-1933259.html I thought I'd post it for the archives in case anyone else runs into this problem. ivman

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