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  1. All Codecs Here - Need To Post

    Both sights have what I need, thanks guys.
  2. Windows Me & 98se Cd Key

    Placing an Msbatch.inf in the Win98 folder for 98 & Win9x folder for ME with each OS's prod key This is a basic msbatch.inf for either of the 2. 98 ------------------------------------- ; MSBATCH.INF ; ; Copyright © 1995-1999 Microsoft Corporation. ; All rights reserved. ; [batchSetup] Version=3.0 (32-bit) SaveDate=19/03/99 [Version] Signature = "$CHICAGO$" [setup] ProductKey="XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX" ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Millenium ------------------------------------------------------------------- ; MSBATCH.INF ; ; Copyright © 1995-2000 Microsoft Corporation. ; All rights reserved. ; [batchSetup] Version=3.0 (32-bit) SaveDate=06/08/2000 [Version] Signature = "$CHICAGO$" [setup] ProductKey="XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX" --------------------- These were the one's in the MSDN copies of the OS's I own. The X's are going to be the keys as you'd guess.
  3. Win 98se Keeps On Hanging In Restart

    I have shortcuts in my quicklaunch that uses that command. right clicked desktop & created new shortcut. for shutdown it was { Rundll.exe User.exe,exitwindows } called it shutdown for restart it was { Rundll.exe User.exe.exitwindowsexec } called it restart without the brackets either side Then place them in the quicklaunch folder for one click shutdown or restart.
  4. I'd be looking at the quarantined files, making sure you can delete them. Anything it quarantines it detects as a virus, check the file names 1st though. If there is nothing you recognise then delete them all.. I have various bios modding progs , some of which norton thinks are virii everytime it scans. Iv'e had to retreive them before emptying the quarantine folder.
  5. durex. I will if you cool it with the condescending attitude.I offered my opinion & was shot down as though I was rambling garbage. When making future posts think of the implications your making regarding other peoples advice. Nobody likes to offer their opinion & be shot down like a fool. Ideas are based on an open minded approach using past experiences, facts are'nt always staring you in the face until you give something a go, I never claimed what you said was either true or otherwise, I gave my opinion- you shot me down.. purewaveform has posted the fact that he himself has done so, whether you choose to beleive he has or has'nt don't worry me..
  6. Md5 Checksum Program.

    Fastsum is freeware & easy to use, works on all windows from 98 - XP Fastsum Webpage
  7. Win 98se Keeps On Hanging In Restart

    I don't know if you fellows know but there are 2 patches made by MS for the shutdown problem, I never have a problem with the shutdown if I use both of them. 1st = 4756US8.exe 2nd = 239887up.exe I have both if either are needed but i'm sure they'll turn up googling for them.
  8. You came at the right time, I was beginning to think there was nobody here with an open mind to the posibilities of installing from a usb disk. To me it seemed logical that it was possible having been playing with computers for some 11 odd years now & seeing where the technology has gone. Here's a couple of pages I found doing a quick search in Google that may be of some help to the original poster. Xp on a usb flash disk Making the disk bootable. I found others but these look like they might get him started.
  9. Cd Labels For Ms Office

    I have genuine disks of both office 2000 pro + office XP pro , I could scan & post them here if thats what your asking for.
  10. durex If the usb flashdrive is configured into the modified bios so it becomes one of the boot-device options then I cannot see how it could be a problem. Open your mind before opening your mouth.
  11. Then i'd be willing to bet there's no-one here capable of modifying the bios to do such. I can see what the issue is here but if the flashdrive can be booted from then why could'nt you install an OS from it? I do read what the topic is about before I waste my time offering my point of view .. Take the time to think about what I posted before offering a smart-a** reply.
  12. From what i've seen & read on topics like this i'd have to say that if you could modify your bios to include the option to boot from a flashdrive then I could imagine it working. If you go to this sight you will see that in fact they have operating systems installed & running from usb flashdrives. I downloaded a Mr-Bios upgrade for an intel triton chipset MoBo some time ago & flashed the bios with it, it gave me the option to display a boot menu that said press 1 to boot to floppy or 2 to boot from C drive. In the boot order in the bios settings it also gave me the option to boot to any one of the 8 - yes 8 hard-drives optioned in the bios. it also supported 4 floppies , 4 serial ports & 4 printer ports.. Trickest bios I ever saw, so modifying a bios to boot to a flashdrive is all that would be needed. This is the page I downloaded that trick bios I mentioned above, it was for the TS54paio board that I use for installing old beta software on.
  13. How old are you?

    I'm 40 years young myself.
  14. Embedded Windows 98

    You may need to change your search engine, found it in 3 seconds flat Dos 7.1 + Mini win98
  15. Boot from USB Flash Drive?

    Has anyone been to the 98Lite sight lately, at the bottom of the page they show you Mini-windows98 booting from a 16mb flash-drive. Although the flashdrive is'nt connected to a pc. I wonder if they could offer some advice at all. Iv'e noticed in the bios options of a lot of computer where in the order in which the system boots the drives - eg: floppy,H/D , CD-rom there is usually also a 4th option that says boot other devices, I wonder what other devices could be booted? 98Lite.com The 98Lite sight also claims to boot OS's from flash-drives. The key here of course would be bios customisation. This sight here looks as though they have operating systems booting from your everyday usb flash-drive too! OS on a flash-drive