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  1. My SET info came up pretty much the same and I have these links too C:\Desktop\Winamp.LNK C:\Start Menu\Programs\Winamp\Winamp.LNK
  2. So, just to recap... If I choose Xlibrary then it selects Xmlibrary, Xshout automatically for me?
  3. no down further where he said TOUGH to my question about silently selecting options
  4. Don't mean to be a pest but any word yet on a WinAmp 5.1 installer? Maybe an ETA?
  5. I tested these...none of them work I went to the Winamp forums and asked about it. Alanoll...do you care to take a guess what DJ Egg had to say about it?
  6. Oh, I didn't see the word Beta anywhere on it.
  7. I wanted to be the first to tell you something that you most likely already know... New version of Winamp is out!! v5.1 Wait, it seems to have been pulled.
  8. Those are the only files that need to be updated...and dropping the other files in won't make any difference. Audiodev.dll & WPDSp.dll are both in WMP10.CAB and adding them into the i386 folder just uses up a little more space...but these versions are already there. The other ones are pointless...except wmplayer.exe which appears to have a new icon. Also you may want to add the appropriate CAT files.
  9. These are the files that are different from Ryan's pack msscp.dll KB902344 August 22, 2005 qasf.dll KB896096 April 12, 2005 wmasf.dll KB896097 April 26, 2005 All of which are in i386 and not in the WMP10.CAB
  10. @ nonno fabio First of all you are in the wrong thread for bts's slipstreamer... And this slipstreamer is an upgrade to BTS's...althrough it's built on BTS's
  11. Windows really has nothing to do with it...motherboard manufacturers do. We have native SATA support now but no native support for larger video resolution or more color depth prior to the OS loading...whether it be a temporary OS like Windows Setup or Windows itself. Be patient...it will come. However, since it's really not anyones priority it may take a long time... Face it, for it to happen the OS would need to support it and the motherboard makers will need to support it...so who takes the first step? Microsoft? Yeah right! When it happens, it'll most likely be a sub-standard mobo manufacturer that it looking for some gimic to sell more mobos and they should be concentrating on quality. Sorry for the rant.
  12. @Wesmosis Close all apps and reburn it...then try again... Also I found some limitations using Virtual PC where it caused some errors but the CD worked fine when used in a physical machine
  13. Who told you that...just take a snapshot of the registry and then install and then take another snapshot. If you wanna lower the rish of other apps changing the registry at the same time just close all other apps... The system does not have to be clean...can even be massively unstable...just as long as you can install an app you're good
  14. record the changes to the registry on a normal install and save them to a reg file. then apply that reg file in your ua
  15. Recovery or Repairing is such a HACK JOB way of doing it... So as it stands... You can't boot from the 98 CD You can't boot from the 98 Startup disk You were able to get into the bios but did you find the setting for the boot order? What type of computer is this? F10 is an unusual way of getting into the bios. Can you boot with the XP CD? You're really better off installing a fresh copy and wiping everything...if you are using the XP CD you can forget the whole fdisk thing...it's not necessary for this route. Even the 98 CD may ask you to format the drive because it won't recognize the ntfs partition.
  16. Just use the normal one...it just changes how much qfecheck complains about the updates...but if you are using XPize then you have voided that anyway.
  17. Do the 122b pack before XPize...there are about 3 files that the 122b pack would reset on you.
  18. i had a proggy called defsgetter but it was strictly a script so I am not sure if it is available anywhere... I lost my harddrive and lost defsgetter but there are others out there...all you need to do is search
  19. Yeah, when I was using live update I had the same problem...just find a 3rd party method and add it to your task scheduler
  20. Hardly! Just set the Live Update check to check more frequently...on a more active day for viruses Symantec will sometimes update once an hour...I have seen the defs get to build 28 in a single day. Every day that my UA goes unfinished I update the VDefHub.zip file at least once per day. Click here and check the date and revision number. However some server must go unaware of the latest build so find some other method of updating virus defs and you're all set!
  21. I thought there was a reg fix to allow concurrent sessions. But I am pretty sure this was console sessions...not remote desktop.
  22. Is there a way to make this a global setting?
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