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  1. Nero 7 Lite v7.7.5.1 Update

    Anyone know what is the key i can use on Regedit for deactivate update check of nero?
  2. Little problem with WPI

    Im work in a PC Shop. And use WPI for update SO. Get the fail in some computers and others no. Dont know what is the fail. And sure the DVD always detect the correct letter of DVD. But i think the problem is not change the path of Instation and when fail always call "C:\". My path in installation is correct always %cdrom% put no always change it i think I get this fail in 1 o 10 PCs. Dont know why. Regards!
  3. ADD Erd Commander 2005 to Multiboot DVD

    Simple install it in source of your DVD path. Extract boot info with any program for example Winiso. Just call it in options of you menu
  4. WPI Virus?

    I get virus on this archive too. With bit defender 9. But i think is a mixtake.
  5. I have a little problem with my WPI instation, and i dont know for what reason some computers failing when execute the aplications. With same configuration and diferent CDROM drivers, i get problem with 2 of 10 computers :S This is my launch of wpi: @ECHO OFF REM Example, how to look for CDROM-drive. Must have WPI.ICO at the root of the CD. for %%i in (C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) do if exist %%i:\WPI.ICO set CDROM=%%i: echo Found CD-Rom as drive %CDROM% REM Determine the WPI startup path. REM if wpi should run off the cd the replace %~dp0 with %cdrom%. set wpipath=%cdrom%\WPI rem Hide this command window. %wpipath%\Tools\cmdow.exe @ /hid REM Force resolution to needed size for wpi interface. start %wpipath%\Tools\VideoChanger.exe 1024x768x32@75 REM Font installation - the smooth and customizable way. REM start /wait %wpipath%\Tools\fonts\fontinstaller.exe REM Special registry tweak needed. regedit /s "%wpipath%\common\wpi.reg REM Make WPI directory the current directory. for /f "delims=: tokens=1" %%i in ("%wpipath%") do %%i: cd "%wpipath%" REM Start WPI and wait for its end start /wait %windir%\system32\mshta.exe "%CD%\wpi.hta" REM Cleaning up the desktop. REM del /s/q "%userprofile%\desktop\*.lnk" REM Rebooting the sytem to finalize the installation process. REM shutdown.exe -r -f -t 30 -c "To finish installations WPI will now reboot in 30 sec..." exit :end Thanks for help and sorry for my mountain english
  6. Silence of the foxes

    Awesome program
  7. Howto Use Xplode @ T12?

    I´m very bad in english... and... no found info about use explode in windows installation, if any can help me please? PD: I continue seeing search
  8. Power Dvd 6.0 Deluxe

    Hi! first... congratulations to all to make this great forum. And second... I have Power DVD 6.0 Deluxe edition, reading the post about this program BUT... no work for me, adding the line silent=1 but the install show me the screen to enter User & Company (this is not silent at all) If any can help me to make a real silent install with this program... plz! i need help. Thanks all ppl for time waste in reading my post. PD: Sorry for my english