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  1. Move these folder using registry will just give u more headache........ and give u more errors and drawback than u can imagine..... I would suggest u move this using a live cd.....
  2. well.... I have just done that 2 days ago... install Win7 as normal... (of course u need 2 partitions, 1 C:\ and 1 D:\) grab a Win7 PE with TC (Search Google) Burn and boot with it... Move the Users dir to the D:\ and delete them from C:\ reboot When rebooting, win7 will complain missing User blah blah blah... just ignore it, go to my computer and C:\ Delete Users dir in C:\ if re-created. using My Computer, go to C:\Windows\System32 and run cmd.... (yes u have to run cmd in there, because u wont be able to use start menu to find it) in cmd, enter the following command. 1) mklink /D C:\Users D:\Users what this does is create a symbolic link for Users folder in C:\, so Windows can still access the moved folder as normal... And u can use this method to move Program Files and Program Data also.... I do it like this bcause, some components in Widnows like IE, does not always start correctly if moved, by using this method, windows can still think IE is still in the correct location.....
  3. Actually I had 16-bit and application compatibility removed, but I re-installed 16-bit support using an inf installer in this thread: http://www.msfn.org/board/Restore-16-bit-support-t46536.htmlSo I have 16-bit working, but no compatibility tab. I'll try your idea when I get home tonight, thanks. Hi, Sorry to bother u guys... is there any solution to this compatibility tab problem?? I accidently delete the App Comatibility Patch option.......... and I don't want to reinstall the whole OS... Thanks...
  4. it would be actually better for the pople who don't know much about computers to use it without having learn much. of course they may need to learn "how to learn turn on the computers or what the hell is cap lock" if you want to come down to this extreme... but for example, a banker, you cant expect them like spending hrs to learn how to do a certain operation after hrs of work isnt it?? And as for the "Computer Studies", man, I think u gone way too far..... so, you are saying the one who havent done "Computer Studies" or "Computer Science" dun use computers??? I dun think all people can become a programmers isnt it? and those subject are mainly about hard-core things (programming, how networking works, etc) and heck, you cant all users can do thing like that isnt it??? lol and you are really missing a point in the principle of programming........ Designing a better interface and so that people who don't know much can still use it without spending hrs to learn! And also Good usabilility means that safer if there are life critical operations that needs involving computers...
  5. for me, you are the 1 who seems like an ******, if computer is not meant to be user-friendly, we will all be still in the "DOS" ages, and no more technological advances, banks, and all other will still be using hand writthen records. And also if Computer is NOT originally meant to be used by other people, why company bothered to sell computers?? people can just make on their own! Computers and Software ARE meant to be user-friendly. That why the university do have courses like Human Factors and usability, and they do involve how to make better software. Although, I would not use Vista, because it is too bloated, but I would not telling other NOT to make those kind of software, because is useless for you! People making software because they need one and the market don't have those kind of software. And Also, calling others who don't know much computers are ****** is not good either, I don't think you know how computers works straight from you born, you still have to go though n00b stages. If you are that leet, why don't you just stick with DOS?? and why use XP, 2000 or something like that??? and heck also, Linux can be both user-friendly as you want and non user-friendly as you want. you don't have to install X-Window, GNome, KDE, etc. what you need is only install the command-line interface like slackware, and is that enough for you so-called ****** people???
  6. Tails

    I need an advise

    well, u should remove IE, if u remove IE, it will definetly helps in speed and memory....
  7. Tails

    I need an advise

    ****, honestly, he planning to use office 2k3 as well on that system??? you gotta be kidding..... even for the internet u need a very very light-weight browser as welll.... Openoffice or probably abiword for the Office stuffs....
  8. it may be doesnt matter in ur country but the probs is nlite isnt only make for ur country, it also make for other parts of the world, and they aint legal in many countries...
  9. hehe, I am sure.... M$ will shut nlite off if nuhi do that stuffs.... lol
  10. well, I am not object Waith's decision, but I think he should put back version 4.1 also.... the reason is that 3 weeks restriction isnt gonna work for me or may be some people.... Here is my suituation.... currently, I am living in UK, and my father in Hong Kong, my father isnt good at computers, so, what I normally do each summer holiday is to build an unattended CD with all the neccessary apps he needs, so, if he need to format, he can just put the CD and do all the works for him... Therefore, the CD must be kept for at least for a yr....., so I hoping Waith at least make the version 4.1 available again for the people who has similar suituation...

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