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  1. [Desktops] 2005

    thats pretty awesome. especially the command prompt.
  2. Opera has better W3C standards compliance than any other windows web browser, including firefox. If you're talking about du jour "standards" such as hotkeys and the like, then I am ineligible to respond, because the only hotkeys I ever use are CTRL+D and CTRL+F.
  3. I use IE as part of Maxthon, and I experience no security issues whatsoever as a result of it. Even on high risk sites, a combination of my IE settings, maxthon settings, anti-spyware settings, and NOD32 antivirus settings does not allow anything even remotely malicious to ever touch my hard drive. I scan for spyware daily via task scheduler, and not once have I found anything with any of the 3 programs I use for it. Viruses also have been nonexistent. If you are competent enough to configure firefox, you are competent enough to use IE and IE based browsers without risk to your data or network. so now that the security issues are out of the way, the choice becomes one of personal preference as it relates to speed and features. we all know IE opens quicker, thanks to being integrated with the shell. all reasonably unbiased tests have shown that IE outperforms firefox speed-wise on all measurable page rendering tasks, from tables to scripts. Firefox 1.0 and 1.1 both have a documented memory leak issue, which causes it to bloat and bloat RAM usage-wise the longer you leave it open for. IE has no such flaw, and furthermore, IE with maxthon uses less than 1/2 the amount of ram as firefox or IE alone. featurewise, IE with maxthon can easily compete head-to-head with firefox and any extensions. A large number of firefox extensions are written by amateur programmers and will subject your browser and machine to unnecessary bugs and crashes. I say this from 1 year+ experience using firefox as my main browser. IE with maxthon suffers from no such handicap, and has yet to crash on me a single time. Not so much as a stutter. The benefits of open source and freeware are shouted from the rooftops by slashdotters and firefox fanboys worldwide, however, the reality is that in a large number of cases, INCLUDING firefox, open source development cripples the software as a result of the sheer number of people working on the literally thousands of bugs that are known and repeatable at any given time. The code is not contiguous or written in a way that compliments itself from every direction, and is not developed in a linear, organized fashion in the same way that software from Microsoft or comparable organizations is. Bottom line is, if you prefer firefox for whatever reason, great. Use it. If you are like me and you give everything out there a shot, and let the winner show itself through time and experience, then chances are good you're going to end up using an IE based solution just as I have. just my two cents. p.s. i use outlook express, because my pop3 email is secondary, i get zero junk mail through it, and i don't use it for anything serious. GMail is my number 1, and all of my domain mail is forwarded to my gmail box.
  4. Nero Released

    but what are the new features? the only reason i have nero in the first place is to burn cd's. nothing else. what could 6.6 add that would better my computing experience?
  5. Which Browser You Use When IE7 Is There?

    my standards-compliant code renders just fine in IE. and as for ie's lack of compliance on xhtml and css2..the only browser out there that does it even remotely "by the book" is safari. opera, firefox, ie all have different implementations, it is by no means an IE-only issue, regardless of what slashdotters would have you think. as for transparent png's, yeah i'd like that too.
  6. [Desktops] 2005

    Howdy. Here's mine right now. http://www.ianmassey.com/images/marchdesktop2005.jpg here's the link to the full size version: desktop pic march 2005 windows 2000 using coolmon, miranda, transparentd, iconpackager, and porsche gt2 wallpaper.
  7. Nero Released

    i still use nero 5.5. it burns cd's perfectly, i haven't seen any decent reason to upgrade.
  8. Which Browser You Use When IE7 Is There?

    i used firefox for ages, and thought it was the end-all be-all of browsers, until i tried maxthon (myie2). it's faster, has more features, more extensible, uses way less resources (maxthon on cnn.com: 14megs, ffox on cnn.com: 40megs)(especially since firefox 1.0's notorious and horrible memory leaking issue), and basically does everything that firefox does only better and with less effort. it fixes ALL of ie's shortages. i'll be sticking with it for the foreseeable future.
  9. Cable to T1? Whats the point

    a t1 is business class connectivity. if you need 99.99% uptime for a server or a group of clients, then it might be worth checking into. if you're a personal net user, a t1 offers you no worthwhile benefits over a decent cable connection, unless you like having a stack of gizmos with flashing lights in your closet.
  10. Norton or McAfee?

    norton is a resource hog and has numerous memory leaks. mcafee is bloated almost as badly and has simplistic, ineffective heuristics. nod32 is the most advanced and effective antivirus on the market. more 100% awards at the virus bulletin than any other AV product. http://www.virusbtn.com/vb100/ it uses 9 megs of ram on my win2k system, and picks up things that both norton and mcafee never have. it also "just works", unlike norton's tendency to bork outlook express and mcafee's constant need for input. i highly recommend nod32. check it out at http://www.nod32.com