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  1. Well, I'm almost there, but still battling this one problem. When attempting to do things like install a Symantec Client or push the Dameware Remote client, I can connect to PCs on my local segment, but not across the WAN connection. When I take my laptop to the other office, same thing.....can now connect to those PCs that are local, but not the ones back at the main office. The Wan connection is a point to point T1 running Adtrans on each end. The remote segment get their DHCP addresses from the Adtran on that end. Main office is Remote office is Here are the GPO settings I have configured: Network/Network Connections/Windows Firewall/Domain Profile Windows Firewall: Allow file and printer sharing exception - Enabled - From * Windows Firewall: Allow local port exceptions - Enabled Windows Firewall: Allow remote administration exception - Enabled - From * Windows Firewall: Allow Remote Desktop exception - Enabled - From * Windows Firewall: Protect all network connections - Enabled Windows Firewall: Define port exceptions - Enabled 135:TCP:*:Enabled:Offer Remote Assistance - Port 137:TCP:*:Enabled:DWMRC Install 2967:TCP:LocalSubnet,, AV TCP 2967:UDP:LocalSubnet,, AV TCP 6129:TCP:*:Enabled:DameWare MRC Couple of thoughts...I do not intend to keep all hosts open (*). I eventually want to lock this down after getting it figured out. I also realize the "LocalSubnet" may be extraneous if the local subnet is also listed (not sure why I did that in the first place...was in a hurry I guess.) All Symantec clients are working with the System Center otherwise and are receiving sig updates (just can't push a client.) I'm sure I've left out some helpful information, so please let me know what else I should post. TIA Edit: Oh, and I installed WSUS Sunday night, but I'm not 100% that the clients are pulling the updates. I expected a big drop from yesterday to today....but not so.
  2. Hmmmmm...should I move this to another forum? Any ideas where I might get an answer to this?
  3. Hope this is the right area, I couldn't find a forum it fit in perfectly. I'm hoping some of you more experienced guys can help w/ the request I just received from my boss. We're building out a new data center. Currently we have about 30+ servers. Soon we will have about 30-40 more and I forsee going 100+ in the future. While this is not humongous, it's the most I've ever managed. My boss is asking for an application that will monitor all our servers and give us a nice GUI layout. While monitoring is part of the purpose, "BLING" is a larger part! B) My boss wants the data center manager in NC to drool when he sees our data center. His request specifically was: Grapical layout by rack Double clicking on rack drills down to view of servers in rack w/ labels on each server Double clicking on server opens a view of that servers info such as OS, Hardware specs, and vitals Of course it doesn't HAVE to work in that exact manner, I think you get the idea of what he is wanting it to do. The idea is to have this displayed on a 42" widescreen plasma or LCD or to put together several smaller LCDs in an array. Let me know if any of you guys are working with a solution or know of one that would accomplish this. Again, the "BLING" factor is high on the priority list. It must look good.
  4. I host mine on my own website, then include a link using the image tags.
  5. As I have already said in another post Ive done Just wasn't sure if DeathAngel had seen it.
  6. You might need to know he uses Aston Shell replacement: http://www.astonshell.com/
  7. Cool, I'll try out the changes. Did you post the exe?
  8. Thanks, I'll try doing that in VPC. That theme looks like Blackcomb Pro to me. http://www.themexp.org/view_info.php?id=130
  9. Yeah, actually I did just that. Thanks. Here's my new version. http://www.geckotek.net/winntbbu.zip
  10. A couple of other thoughts: 1. I have over 30 items being installed....can you make the window larger and/or the fonts or empty spaces smaller? 2. I have several items as hidden. Is there a way to not have a blank space in the grid for them? 3. Since most items are installed silently and do not show any signs of installing, would it be possible to have a progress bar? 4. How about including a script to scan hotfix folders and install the hotfixes? I could just kick off my hotfix script, but just thought it might be easy to include it in this script. Thanks again. I'm really enjoying this script.
  11. Well, I've just about completed my first attempt at doing this (got bored w/ the ones I downloaded.) The problems I'm having are: 1. The text strings don't seem to go in order????? 2. After a while, the strings start to repeat (around 13 min mark.) Is this normal or am I missing some strings? 3. The existing Windows logos look bad on the background I've used. I'll just have to find some others or maybe someone w/ some graphics experience can help. Here is my winnntbbu.dll so you can see what I have so far. BTW, do you guys just use CTRL+PrtScr to get a screen cap during the install???? http://www.geckotek.net/winntbbu.zip
  12. Thank you very much. I really appreciate this, this tool is exactly what I was looking for. Yeah, I'll be kicking off a process that runs all my registry tweaks anyway. I'll be throwing my registration keys in there as well.
  13. For example, I'm looking to put a description under the line for Diskkeeper or some of the power toys. Just in case the person using the DVD to install doesn't know what they are and attempts to not install them out of ingnorance as opposed to not really wanting them. Also, I've been killing the gtaod.exe process right after AOL installs. I'm assuming trying to do that would put a big kink in things? Edit: I guess I could just make %windir%\pskill.exe gtaod.exe a hidden item....make sense?
  14. Can we use variables such as %systemdrive%? Oh, and since I don't know VB, can someone kindly show me how to enter text? I'd like to add a brief description of each item below it. THX
  15. It works for me! Yeah, but only you.
  16. http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...9&Product=winxp Included in the rollup.
  17. Dood, this pic is freakin' me out. Something about her eyes and her smile.....*shiver*.....gives me the creeps. Think it's the eyes....reminds me of Gollum...."My precious!" I did Asian chicks, and I'm sure she's fine otherwise, but this pic bugs me so much I had to say something. LOL
  18. Found it. http://www.screamrealloud.com/gallery.htm
  19. Guess I'll throw my hat in the ring. Gradient looks bad when you click for larger image for some reason. But looks good on my desktop. I was using SmartBarXP, but I kept getting BSODs.
  20. Beat me to it. Sure looks like a type 2 hotfix though.
  21. Ah, yes....this is what I have: start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Applications\NAV2004\NAVSetup.exe /QN

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