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  1. You Want to Change Your Username?

    I will post my desired username when i get one
  2. Harry Potter

    The Harry Potter Book Countdown HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS 21st JULY 2007 JK Rowling has confirmed on her website that the release date her the seventh and final book will be July 21st, so counting down until that long awaited day. So join us in the celebration countdown and participate in the votes and discussions Have fun!!
  3. Basketball PC

    Ok sports fans you are not going to want to miss these basketball PC’s. These are computers shaped and styled to look like basketballs. Judging from the pictures they look very realistic. If basketball is not your sport they come in a Soccer ball style and Football style as well. The computing power on these is not all that impressive. But that should not come as any big surprise considering these are more about looks than performance. They are available with an Intel Pentium M processor ranging from 1.3GHz to 1.7GHz. They support high speed DDR memory and come with a built in CD-Rom drive. One of these would look very cool in your bedroom or living room. Hook one up to an LCD screen in your bar and play all your favorite old school games. Source: Gadgetfind.com
  4. Add to the convenience and entertainment of your office with the iSharpener. This handy pencil sharpener will make a great addition to your desk. It serves as an amazing pencil sharpener that will sharpen your pencils in a matter of seconds without the mess or inconvenience of a manual sharpener. The iSharpener also adds a fun and interesting twist to your desk by flashing multi colored, red and blue LED lights every time you use it. Another feature you might find interesting about the iSharpener is that you’ll never have to buy batteries to give it power. This pencil sharpener conveniently plugs into any USB port on your computer. You’ll have the most high-tech desktop in your office when you add the iSharpener to your collection of gadgets that can be powered by your desktop computer. The pencil sharpener is small and compact and its sleek design will make an attractive addition to your desk. Keep your office sharp and your pencils even sharper with the iSharpener. Part #: I SHARPENER Warranty: 1 Year Condition: New Packaging: Retail Box Ship Weight: 0.5 lb Manufacturer: Generic MFG Part #: NA Supported By: Geeks Availability: Out of Stock Your Price: $6.99 Source:Gadgetfind
  5. anybody knows about coding for the lavalair script in PHP ? It's WAP
  6. Internet Explorer 8

    Note *My First Post* The Big Question ? Why Was IE 7 RELEASED THIS YEAR NOT LAST YEAR Internet Explorer 8 Beta to begin later this year According to Microsoft, the Internet Explorer 8 Beta is set to begin when Vista SP1 ships later this year. There is no information on when the exact date would be. However, since mainstream support for XP doesn’t end until April 2009 Microsoft will support IE 8 to Windows XP users. But in the same way that IE 7 was released, there will be 2 versions: one that is built on the security settings of Vista, and the other one on the settings of XP SP2 or SP3. More info will be posted when available Is Internet Explorer 8 in the works? Who needs Internet Explorer 7 when you can just wait for Internet Explorer 8? According to ActiveWin, Microsoft has already been working diligently on Internet Explorer 7’s successor, and there are no plans for the team to stop for a service pack. The Internet Explorer development team will supposedly have the next version ready to go out the door within the next two years. Microsoft is committed to Internet Explorer and is actively working on the next version of the browser. We are excited about the positive reception Internet Explorer 7 has received and are currently looking at market feedback and customer needs as we work on future versions. However we are not commenting on future plans at this time. How do you feel about Microsoft skipping out on service packs for Internet Explorer 7 and jumping straight into Internet Explorer 8? As long as the browser is kept as secure as possible, I can’t see why that would be a problem. If Microsoft is listening, I’d like to see Internet Explorer 8 be a little more developer-friendly. I use Firefox because of all the wonderful Extensions, but I would consider switching back to Internet Explorer if Microsoft had something even close to comparable. I will say that Add-Ons are definitely a step in the right direction, though. Source: Arstechnica.com