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  1. I reinstalled Window XP Pro on my computer. I reloaded all the necessary drivers. I can connect to the internet, but I can't access any web pages in Internet Explorer or with Firefox.
  2. I have a Hp Pavilion computer. It has a partition on it for recovery. After I brought it, I made four more partitions for music, files etc. The computer has been acting up and I want to redo it. When i try to recover it, it won't do it. It says that I can't because I made partitions on it. I have a friend's copy of the Windows XP Home. When i load it, it says that the only place it can install Windows is in H:Recovery partition. How do I reformat my hard drive so I can reload windows and also can I use my friend's disk to load it but use my verication number from my computer.
  3. Thanks cyprod. It makes sense now to me. I'll have to keep that in mind the next time someone asks me the same question.
  4. My computer is suppose to have 1 gigabit of memory. I used Everest Home Edition 2.0 and it says I have 960 MB. What does this mean? My other computer has 352MB, how much is that in gigabits?
  5. I was able to get it to work with my one of my other computers running Windows 98SE. Tahnks for the help.
  6. I have a HP Pavilion a527x. I received a iomega 100 from a friend. I'm trying to get it to work with my Windows XP Home. I connected it to the computer the way it said. The computer will not see it. It says when I restart the computer and checked under Windows Explorer it should show up. It doesn't. I would really like to use it, so any help would be great. I have downloaded the latest drivers from their site.
  7. I put another hard drive in with windows 98SE preloaded and it works. Looks like the 80 gig hard drive is toast. Not even three months old I put the 80 gig hard drive in another computer and it loaded. So I don't know what's going on here?????
  8. the hard drive was partition before, so it's split to three paritions. I had windows 98SE on it before and it ran great,
  9. I have a computer with Mobile and Duron 4 1200 mhz with 256 memory. I'm trying to load Windows 98SE on it. It has a brand new 80 gig hard drive. It just starts to load windows when this message comes up 03AF:OCCA@*SUWIN I have replaced the ribbon for the cd-rom drive the hard drive and the 3 1/2. But the message keeps coming up and won't allow me to load windows. Any ideas of what is going on.
  10. I received a IBM etower 633irx. IT has an onboard graphic card. I cannot add another graphic card because the motherboard doesn't support it. It will only allow 640 X 480. I have a 19 inch monitor so it sucks. I've been trying to get help with this computer but there is no support that I can find. Any help out there.
  11. A friend asked me to fix his computer. It's a P III 566 with 256 Ram. It has 3.5 gig hard drive. There was windows 98 on it when it was new. Before he got it Windows 2000 Pro was installed on it. It was running good until a few weeks ago. It wouldn't load and had to be restarted numerous times before it would start. Now it won't start at all. I got it to the point where all the opinions like safe mode, Last known setup etc. I tried each one and restarted the computer but still won't load. I want to put a copy of Windows 98SE on it, but there are hundreds of photos on here that he would like to keep or save. So I don't want to reformat and lose them I"ve run out of ideas. Anyone out there know what's up?
  12. I just found out that I need a card with a buid in modem. Maybe I'll check out a computer store later
  13. I figured it out. I disconnected the serial plug from the computer. By the way, I do have HPC Explorer already installed on the computer. I then turned off the computer and then restarted it. I click on HPC Explorer and then I reconnected the serial plug and it worked. I can put files on my computer and transfer them to the palmtop PC. I'm now trying to get online with the pocket internet explorer already installed on the Palm. Wish me luck. If anyonr can help me with this part, that's great. Thanks for all the advice./
  14. I have been to all three links you gave to me already. I have downloded the program but it still will not link up. I've given up for the time being. Probably try again, must enjoy the long weekend. Going camping. Thanks for the help.
  15. I have a HP 320LX Palmtop Pc given to me. It works and has Microsoft POcket Excel and word and other programs. I have the docking station with it. It connects to the computer by a serial cord. I know that it will not work with Windows XP. My other computer has Windows 98SE on it. I checked with HP and even though it was put out in 2000, they do not support it anymore. Is there a program out there that I can use to connect my computer with this palmtop. Any help would be very nice.
  16. I do have windows 98SE. I downloaded the drivers from Scandisk but it didn't work. I download the driver from the Unofficial Service pack forum and that worked thanks to LLXX.
  17. I have four copies of Windows 98SE still in the wrappers. I have one computer running windows 98SE and another running Windows XP Pro. Many of my senior customers are running Windows 98SE that I installed for them. They can't afford anything else. I build low end computers for them to use. I make sure that all these computers have all the protection provided out there. Never had any serious problems like viruses etc. happen. Cross my fingers. Window 98SE
  18. After using fdisk and then fromating the hard drive, finally I was able to load Windows 98SE. It seems to be workin great now. Very strange, but it works so I'll leave it alone. Thanks for all the help
  19. Thank you very much. It works great.
  20. I have two computers. One is running Windows XP Pro and is online. The other is running Windows 98SE and does not go online. I want to store files, pictures etc. on the Windows 98SE computer. I have a Scandisk cruzer mini 256 MB. I went to the scandisk website and downloaded the driver for Windows 98. When I click on the setup file, the following message appears and I can't load it { error installing ikernel.exe (0X10000) } Don't know what to do now Any ideas??
  21. I did the format using the Windows 98SE disk. After it satrted to load the setup files. Then after a few minutes it stopped and these warnings came up. #1 SUWIN caused Segment Load Failure in module SETUPX.DLL at 0012:1542 #2 W98SETUP caused Segment Laod Failure in module WGA.DRV at 0001:2863 #3 W98SETUP caused a General Protection Fault in module USER.EXE at 0001:40B6 THen it stops loading. Don't know what they mean
  22. Don't you hate it, when you keep trying and then all of a sudden it starts to work and you don't know why because you did the same thing over and over again, but then you don't care because it is working.
  23. I have another computer. I put a brand new 80 gig hard drive in it. I put Windows 98SE on it. Worked fine. Then I got a copy of Windows XP Pro upgrade. It loaded up Ok and I used it for about three months with no problems. Now I decided to keep this extra computer offline. I wanted to reinstall Windows 98SE. I put the Win98Se disk in the CD drive and it started the process. It said that I had to format the drive. No problem, I formatted it. Then when it started to load the OS, it stopped at the same point again and said that I had to reformat it. I redid this situation three times, with the same problem. 1) I want Windows 98SE on it. 2) Is there another way to reformat the drive?

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