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  1. ah so my motivation for using home single language is because I got my microsoft account linked to home single language and not home and i want genuine windows 10
  2. ok after a time, my windows installation got corrupted for my blunder so i don't need this guide anyway, anyhow thanks jaclaz and Patron for trying to help :)))))))
  3. I recently blundered and somehow install windows 10 pro which i don't like. Anyhow, I saw a tutorial on tenforums https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/183084-downgrade-windows-10-pro-windows-10-home.html#:~:text=You must be signed in as an administrator,on the downloaded .reg file to merge it. on how to downgrade from windows 10 pro to home. Can someone instruct me how to do the same from pro to home single language?
  4. Update: I saw tutorial on youtube: Many thanks!
  5. I don't have coding skills so can you show me what code should i input?
  6. How can i change the windows 10 banner to a photo that i like?
  7. Do anyone have any idea how to force white title bar text on windows?
  8. hmm weird, perhaps i have to get use to it. A very cheap price for windows 8.1.
  9. Hey jaclaz, i found out that my touchpad doesn't work when i use safe mode, is it normal?
  10. sure thing that's nice, i installed it in the last attempt and well, rip touchpad, hope other people better luck then
  11. I don't understand what you are talking about, but i know that in the end, my driver is the good old HID compliant touchpad!
  12. Well, i don't know, perhaps the io drivers that you send me works and uninstall any touchpad driver you have installed. Perhaps people should also install driver talent, that helps me to find the right driver too.
  13. After a reboot, my touchpad suddenly works! WTF, I reboot like 20 times before and now it suddenly works, thanks you dixel and jaclaz for helping me along the way.

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