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  1. hmm weird, perhaps i have to get use to it. A very cheap price for windows 8.1.
  2. Hey jaclaz, i found out that my touchpad doesn't work when i use safe mode, is it normal?
  3. sure thing that's nice, i installed it in the last attempt and well, rip touchpad, hope other people better luck then
  4. I don't understand what you are talking about, but i know that in the end, my driver is the good old HID compliant touchpad!
  5. Well, i don't know, perhaps the io drivers that you send me works and uninstall any touchpad driver you have installed. Perhaps people should also install driver talent, that helps me to find the right driver too.
  6. After a reboot, my touchpad suddenly works! WTF, I reboot like 20 times before and now it suddenly works, thanks you dixel and jaclaz for helping me along the way.
  7. No, I am trying to install windows 8.1 on my asus x541ua model but asus just support windows 10 so yeah, i have to ask for advice on the msfn forum.
  8. I think it is not the right driver. The Io driver thing says that my computer is not supported. Do you have another solution? Thanks for helping anyways.
  9. sure, i have done that and the touchpad STILL didn't work.
  10. do you mean ALL including network drivers and stuff?
  11. You can use internet download manger because it will increase wifi threads
  12. Microsoft has been forcing us bad windows 8.1 updates that ended up declaring most metro apps like weather or maps has moved to another location. But the dark secret is that if you uninstall those updates, weather or maps works fine. Some apps can't be saved though (news or stocks)
  13. first of all i am suspicious of patching installers because it may emmbeded a trojan or a worm into your pc. Fortunately if you have an intel core 6th gen or below, that won't be a problem. Do you know how to check your pc core?
  14. I have another solution. Save all of your program installers and try to reset your pc while keeping your files. See if that removes all of the malware using windows vista might have cause.

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