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  1. Hope is always there. Because the source code is the same except for English or Finnish versions. There are simple, superficial things that change. If the developers want to put all the languages, they can
  2. Unfortunately, for the time being, you must to change your system to the English language system
  3. So developers should develop unofficial Windows 2000 updates customized for the hardware side.
  4. What new features Windows 2000 need in 2021? What is lacking compared to XP ?
  5. No, not necessarily. But maybe the driver you have is not compatible with Windows 2000. Look for another driver that works with the device. It has the same ID and is compatible with Windows 2000. The drivers that you installed must be deleted through "Add-Remove Programs." If not completely deleted, enter the "Add-Remove Hardware" you find in the hidden devices. Before turning on the computer, eject the device from it. Search for another driver using this program: https://www.driveridentifier.com Do your search for a driver from the year 2010/2011. It is not necessary for the driver to be the same name as the device company that you own, it is important that it has the same ID . After installing the new driver, a small problem might occur. Namely, the wireless app does not have your hardware ID. So it should be added to HWID.ini
  6. What is device id? And what is the extended kernel that you use ?
  7. I use it to force UMDF to work, i always do experiments, i don't care if something goes wrong because i will learn from him. Thank you for the information
  8. I used (BWC) Extended Kernel. I tried to force install UMDF 2.0 and it didn't work. So i tried to enforce UMDF 1.0. And i noticed in SERRVICES.MSC that UMDF was added, so i installed WMP11 to get MTP services for smartphone. When the driver installer asked me, WPDUSB.SYS, i put it in. He got installed and direct BSOD appeared. So, i restarted the computer, taking out the cable between the phone and the computer, so that the BSOD would not appear again. And i deleted UMDF and its components, i tried to search for help on the internet, i found someone who had the same experience and had the same mistakes, i have finally known that UMDF is not supported by KERNEL BASE LEVEL for Windows 2000, and i found on this page that in the future you want to add UMDF for Windows 2000. Is there a real possibility to run UMDF in the future or is it just an experiment?
  9. I installed UMDF with KDW (XP SP2 matched) and it worke博d. But when loading WPDUSB.SYS it caused BSOD I think the reason is a mismatch UMDF with kernel base level. Is it treatable?
  10. Hi Ximonite , does UMDF match at the kernel base level of Windows 2000 ?

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