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  1. No links to warez, cracks or serials on MSFN. Please read the MSFN Forum Rules. Thanks.
  2. What services does everyone have running?? I currently have the following ENABLED APPLICATION LAYER GATEWAY BACKGROUND INTELLIGENT TRANSFER (Will remove next and see what happens) COM+ EVENT SYSTEM CRYPTOGRAPHIC SERVICES DHCP CLIENT DISTRIBUTED LINK TRACKING CLIENT (+ ) DNS CLIENT EVENT LOG HID INPUT DEVICE INTERNET CONNECTION FIREWALL LOGICAL DISK MANAGER NETWORK CONNECTIONS NETWORK LOCATION AWARENESS PLUG N PLAY REMOTE ACCESS CONNECTION MANAGER (?? TAKE IT OFF? ) REMOTE PROCEDURE CALL ( Really unsure about this one) TCP IP NETBIOS HELPER TELEPHONY (hmmm I don't have a phoneline connected.. think its safe??) WINDOWS AUDIO (had to enable cause system beeps were annoying) WINDOWS MANAGEMENT INSTRUMENT WORKSTATION So what ya think guys? any services you believe are save to take off? and still function as a WORKSTATION.. and don't give me that dumb link ive been there already... POSITIVE FEEDBACK ONLY PLEASE.
  3. Hey there - I have it setup here at home.. but Its just for fun.. I aquired this copy tho I do plan on making the purchase so no hounding me please - My friends and I have been trying to put these to the tests and its a rather stable server with the few holes here and there but as for the features included smack in your face and not how you had to hunt for them in 2000.. im very much so pleased I've got it currenbtly installed as a workstation aswell - non gaming purposes by the way .. and for office apps it runs top tnothc haven't had a problem.. my next challenge will be several people remote desktop connecting at the same time and all put different ressources from the network and see how it handles
  4. EFNET SERVERS enuf said
  5. Why are you guys using these ?? the feature they included within Win2k3 worked great!!! Disk Management
  6. Yeah - I will admit I am one of those who downloaded one of 'those' copies however, to this day I have purchased every Operating software I intended on installng.. from Windows 3.11 to todays Windows 2003.. When this hits the shelves, be certain I'll be makng a purchase aswell. As for comment.. I'm very impressed as to what they done this time many small features added and many small sub features that go really into depth.. I can really see myself use this at work.
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