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  1. I'm trying to run scrcpy on windows 7 and it's giving the error "The program can't start because api-ms-win-core-libraryloader-l1-2-1.dll is missing..." does anyone out there have this dll, or know how to solve this problem
  2. I already know notepad ++, but I want a program that doesn't have to switch between tabs, I want to translate several text files at once as if they were one, using the google translator to save a lot of time, because I have more than 5,000 files for translate, thanks for the help anyway.
  3. Does anyone know a program that allows me to open multiple text files at the same time as if they were one (without merging)?
  4. I'm not looking for internet explorer 11 for personal use, but for programs that still use it without being able to switch browsers, an example is f.lux it uses internet explorer to search for a location, also the latest functional version of cherryplayer on windows xp, which also uses internet explorer to login, but internet explorer 8 does not support the google login page.
  5. I managed to make "discordapp" work on windows xp with almost all features, just desktop notifications that don't work, what I did was simply install the chrome360 browser (a chrome 78 mod that works on xp) and then download the webapp discord and install it on Chrome 360, then on the extensions page, clicked on the details and then clicked to place a shortcut on the desktop, ready! a perfectly functional discord in XP even for sharing the screen! chrome360: https://archive.org/details/360EE_Modified_Version note: if there is a certificate error go to advanced settings and look for where it is written (certificate) and then uncheck all the boxes below Discord WebApp:https://github.com/NeverDecaf/discord-chrome-app/releases
  6. Is there any mod that allows the installation of Internet Explorer 11 on Windows XP?
  7. thank you very much for the explanation, you clarified many things, but would it be possible to change the browser that one program uses for another?
  8. There is a way to change the Windows XP System web browser to another browser to increase compatibility between programs that use the system web browser?. Like the cherry player when I go to login it opens a page in the system's web browser but the xp web browser does not support the google login page, by chance I would have to change the system web browser for a browser like Palemoon, Firefox or Chrome , or some way to update this web browser?

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