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  1. Not on play store but Youtube Vanced is worth trying for a better Youtube experience.It's good, free and no ads at all
  2. Unless too many updates..it's great in my opinion and everything flow smoothly. Btw, I'm not using the PC for other things rather than searching and writing articles.So, perhaps my opinion could be not accurate 100%
  3. I don't think there are ad-free apps in the play store. Especially, app that needs internet connection.. BTW, you can use an ad-blocker in most cases to avoid ads
  4. It's a huawei e5573 4g lte pocket router. I'm using 4G SIM and I'm sure about it.So, there must be something wrong with the router. I suspect I need to install specific app on my phone and laptop to enable 4G. But, I don't know how to find it.
  5. Thank you for sharing.I think I'm running old Edge browser.Because this software exist on my desktop since longtime..I'will try after updating the browser. I didn't aware of it because I was using Chrome.
  6. You can remove a library from the navigation pane in Windows 10, following this methods. Right-click the desired library in the navigation pane and select "Don't show in navigation pane" in the context menu. Uncheck the box Shown in navigation pane box in the library properties dialog. click on the Show in navigation pane button in the Ribbon.
  7. I recently started to use Microsoft Edge on my Windows 10 where I used to use Google chrome. Recently, I tried to save a web page using edge but It can't save web pages as an HTML file. Is there a specific way to do it or is the feature unavailable in the Edge?
  8. I've heard Android is coming with default Android security and no need of extra Android security apps. Also, Is this a true fact or false fact? Currently, I'm not using an antivirus guard on my Android device. But, I encountered an issue when my Gmail started to receive Spam Emails. Is there a connection between these spam mails and non availability of antivirus?
  9. Recently,I borrowed a 4G pocket router from my friend. I'm using a pre-paid sim card on it. Though the router said to be 4G it doesn't connect to 4G network . It's a Huawei pocket router.How to configure the router to connect to 4G data netwrok?
  10. Click the "Start" menu > choose "Devices and Printers > right-click on your printer > select "Printer properties" > open the "Sharing" tab, and then check the check box labeled "Share this printer."
  11. I dreamed I was rocking a baby to sleep. In the morning, my husband, who is bald, told me I patted his head for 30 minutes while repeating, “Go to sleep, baby.”
  12. I've been using it for nearly one year and there no critical problem. (I'm normal Windows user)but I hate its updates. Why do they need to update is so frequently? Also, an update takes nearly 1-2 hours to complete. bothersome
  13. Living in India, I'm Raniyah. I am a self-inspired blogger and I love writing on topics related to smartphones and other technical stuff. I use Windows 10 as my desktop OS and but I don't have sound knowledge about Windows OS. So, I need assistance when I'm in trouble. I hope this place would be the ideal place for it

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