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  1. Anyone tried to install Vista on Broadwell-based laptop? I think it might be interesting, but I know that most drivers won't work, even with Extended Kernel as of today.
  2. Is there any version of Catalyst/Radeon Software compatible with R9 300 series with Vista support?
  3. Will next kernel update bring the missing functions to Secur32.dll required to run Edge? And is there any progress with 32-bit libraries?
  4. I guess he has got banned only on that second forum, not here. But i'm not sure.
  5. Is there any workaround for Netflix on Chrome 86? Does it need any codecs like Firefox?
  6. I noticed other bug in Extended Kernel. Sidebar doesn't show on desktop.
  7. It's not a blocked installation, it's just missing functions in kernel. But if Visual Studio Code works, Discord and Spotify should work too, because all these apps are Electron-based. But I'm curious about other problem. Why can't I install any extensions to Chrome? It's known issue on Vista, but why? Installing via developer mode doesn't work too. I think we must be patient, and these problems will be solved.
  8. Well, it's nice to see the Extended Kernel for Vista. But do someone ran Discord and latest Spotify app under Vista? Which functions do I need to add to the 32-bit kernel32?

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