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  1. So I need to patch VMware * sys files?
  2. Ok, I will greatly appreciate it. If anything, then I installed first version 10 of VMware, then in Windows 7 installed version 15. Copied the folder and drivers to Vista.
  3. I can fix this problems or never?
  4. I have installed and run VMware Workstation 15.5.2 on Windows Vista x64. Created a virtual machine but gives the following error. Can I fix it?
  5. It turns out that I can create xxxx.exe.local for any program that requires Vista Extended, for example Whatsapp?
  6. I installed Windows Vista business sp2 AND ALL UPDATES. Replaced the DLL files with Vista extended dll. After restarting, an error occurs explorer.exe didn't find 899 in shell32.dll. How to fix it?
  7. Good day! I have successfully installed Adobe Reader DC 2015 on Windows Vista, how do I install Adobe Acrobat Pro? I have done the same operations, but in vain.
  8. How to run new version Tlegram in Windows Vista with extented kernel?
  9. I already think about it. I'll try it today.
  10. There is no Vista section in the driver's .inf file. So it won't work anywhere.
  11. I modified the MS Office 2013-16 installer and slipped the kernel32 / ntdll.dll from Windows 7. But it fails ......... How to install MS Office 2016 in Vista?
  12. Hello! Did anyone manage to install Microsoft Office 2013-2019 in Windows Vista? How to do it?
  13. Hello to all! I have a laptop based on Haswell Core i3 4030u with integrated HD 4400 graphics. How to install drivers from Win7 and make the graphics work ??
  14. I always loved and use Windows Vista, now, OS kernel extensions, I managed to run JDK 11 and Jetbrains InteliJIDEA 2020.2, Firefox 79 (plays videos from YouTube).
  15. Thank you! Opera, Yandex Browser 2020 how to run in Windows Vista?
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