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  1. This is absolutely and simply fabulous! What more is there for me to say?
  2. Yes..unfortunately, I have chosen the GTX 1050 Ti back then. It is a small card that fits inside this prebuilt OEM desktop. Works fine for the "gaming" that I intend to do, which is mostly older, not very demanding applications (if any at all). That is a major issue that holds me back from even attempting to install Vista at the moment.
  3. I think there are good reasons for not updating to 2004. Although, I'd have to admit, I have always been cautious. Every release feels like a mystery box of some sort..you never quite now what awaits you next! I've had issues with a printer since I upgraded to 1909. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Maybe it will get magically fixed in 2004? We'll see..one day.
  4. I think this is probably what you were trying to say, but I will do it myself as well nevertheless: Windows 10 is and should be NT 6.4. I don't see such a huge change that would justify it being "NT 10" except for marketing purposes..and I mean, it should probably suggest progress..and sound fancy. Somehow it does eradicate the initial value that these version numbers had, but oh well. I wouldn't be surprised if by 2023 Windows 10 will be rebranded into "Windows". Feel free to add any additional knowledge or things that I have missed, my knowledge in that area is more than shaky. But hey, this
  5. I would have to add to this that Windows 2000 is a very good operating system as well. It was streamlined, snappy, and rock-solid. I did not have the opportunity to use it for all too long, but during the period that I did, I was very satisfied with it. And I mean..the startup and shutdown sounds speak for themselves! I always had the impression that it is a more streamlined and less bloated XP. Whether that "bloat" was good or bad is up to you, but it was the better choice for power users, even if it was meant for businesses. If Vista never came to existence, this might have had the chance t
  6. While I am aware that this is not directed at me by any means, I want to confirm what a great helper @WinClient5270 transformation pack for Windows 7 is. I personally used some of the Windows Sidebar files in combination with 8gadgetbar on Windows 10 to make the sidebar look just like the one you'd find in Vista. Works great! Next goal: Free myself from Windows 10. This project might come in handy there!
  7. Wow! What a long and thoughtful post. I'd like to voice my opinion, or to be exact, share my knowledge with you. Flat Design is not something for everyone - neither is it for me - but here it is Microsoft itself that started this trend. It started with Windows 8..and it changed the standard design language for quite a few years. As we all know, the reasoning behind that is mostly scaling. Scaling marble and wood or glass textures across multiple devices does not work. And for Microsoft, that was a huge deal. Their idea was (and is) to make Windows an all-rounder. A platform that works with tou
  8. Yes, you might be right. Of course, personal "tweaks" make quite a difference. Thanks for the link! Also; as far as the shocks go: I think I can remember many people that were disgusted by the so-called "FisherPrice" Windows XP UI (Luna). Windows XP received a lot of criticism..but it also had a lot of time to prove that it is indeed a good OS- and so many started to love it... and many love it to this day!
  9. Interesting! I've always had the impression that the UI of Windows 8 is an acquired taste. The Metro UI feels rough and unpolished..for some reason it reminded me of the high-contrast themes. But that differs from person to person..those were just my two cents! Although I did like the initial Windows 8 UI more than what Windows 10 came with. Perhaps that is just because Windows 10 is very inconsistent. Even though 8 has just as many remnants from previous versions, the desktop felt like a completely separated entity which in itself was consistent. Whereas the Start screen consistently uses the
  10. Oh wow, this is AMAZING. If someone would have told me about this before I read this topic, I would have told them to stop dreaming. I mean, this is a huge deal for Vista users. I could even imagine extended hardware support through drivers thanks to this. Since I do feel like Vista has been "killed-off" artificially, with most companies putting XP and Vista in one box, even though Vista and 7 are mostly identical. Just like 8 and 8.1, in my opinion. But then again, I am sadly not very tech-savy, even though I'd wish to be! At least I have basic knowledge, I suppose.
  11. Thank you! Yes, you are right; there weren't that many to begin with. At least I knew a few persons who either bought a new PC or upgraded to Vista. A friend of mine brought her laptop with Vista on it, ever since then I loved it. I don't think she had a very expensive model, yet even Aero seemed to work just fine. Sadly, my Vista-PC died and I had to buy a new one two years ago..Windows 10 of course. I modified it with various programs to make it look more like Vista..but it's just not the same thing. I've had the craty idea of installing it on this computer, an idea I cannot get out of my he
  12. Hello everyone! Hereby I would like to introduce myself to you all. After browsing through this forum for quite a while now, I have decided to create an account and fully benefit from a membership status. As you might suspect, here in Switzerland we have many great goods. Chocolate, cheese, that kind of stuff. But what we do not have is a community for older Windows Operating Systems. It should be noted that Windows 10 surpassed Windows 7 as the most popular OS back in 2016 (!) here. I never understood why people had the urge to upgrade so quickly. So me, back then being a Windows
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