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  1. It decided to load the page this morning, but checking for updates results in the cannot find the windows update server error. Weird. Perhaps my version of the kernel extension is out of date?
  2. Just tried the patch on windows 2000 and it doesnt seem to work. Just hangs on making sure your computer has the up to date activex control.
  3. With the source code leak, it might be very possible, but AFAIK might require a major rewrite of portions of the OS with no compatibility guarantees.
  4. Looks as if the servers are down for some form of maintenance, as trying to load the windows update site results in an HTTP 503 error. This might be Microsoft adding the final office 2010 updates. Or it could be them cutting off the website as a whole. Im getting HTTP 500 when trying to access Microsoft Update. Windows Update is 503.
  5. Already looked there, didnt really find what i needed. I know its possible for sp1 to be installed in gpt/uefi, so im gonna keep trying.
  6. Just trying to dual boot vista with windows 7 on my laptop. Setup runs fine, but the first boot results in stop code 0x0000001E and what looks like memory addresses and no more. I know its a kmode error, but it doesnt say that. When i boot into windows 7, it boots fine. The system is configured to use uefi and legacy, with legacy boot set as priority. I know that vista sp2 should be able to boot off of gpt, or even uefi. What is causing this problem?

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