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  1. Hello how do i install fire fox with the windows vista extended kernal
  2. HP 500B MT Intel Pentium E5800 I went back to windows 7 and went to the xp partition and there is only a windows folder
  3. CPU: Intel Pentium E5800 GPU: Integrated Intel Graphics RAM: 2 GB it went black after the bios and there is no hdd activity
  4. Hello i'm trying to install windows xp on my old pc but when it finishes copying files and reboots the screen goes black
  5. sorry all i needed to was update windows
  6. When i try to run Firefox 88.0.1 its says its not a valid Win32 app
  7. im using a HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop PC 790-0000i
  8. ive already put usb 3.0 drivers into the usb and i dont have dvds
  9. whenever i try to install windows 7 on my gaming pc everything stops working ive tried the usb 2.0 and 3,0 port but they wont work and changing the bios settings doesn't work it worked on my laptop but not my computer

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