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  1. Have you tried testing by disabling Translucent TB see if the problem still happens or vice versa? Are you using the latest versions of Aero Glass and Translucent TB and what's you're current OS and build version? Members will be able to help you more with this information.
  2. Check out these threads below. Aero Glass does not work with Windows 10 18363.778 or higher. We need to wait for a updated version of Aero Glass that fixes the issue. There are many more topic here with info on the same issue.
  3. I'm using Edge 81.0.416.68 and working fine. You have to make sure the Target String is correct. For me in using this "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe" "-disable-windows10-custom-titlebar" If its still not working for you then not sure what the issue could be.
  4. Thanks for the help mate. Hopping someone knows how to get it working with Microsoft Edge
  5. Hi guys, im not sure if a topic already exists for this but how do you make Aero Glass work with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge? It works ok with Internet Explorer but just not on those. I know it will likely be a setting of some sort on these browsers that's needing enabled etc for Aero Glass to work on them. I am using the latest versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Pro updated to the latest updates. Thanks for any help.
  6. You just need to replace both dwmcore.dll and uDWM.dll in the C:\Windows\System32 folder with the previous version from the windows update that did work with Aero Glass. Recommend doing a backup before doing this in case causes issues.
  7. Seems program update is now showing new version to update to but official download links on the website still not updated yet. EDIT: Has now, Thanks Tihiy for the new update version.
  8. Not sure where you got that version from. The official download links haven't been updated yet to get that version and its saying no updates found when I check via the update feature.
  9. Yeah just tested just now and it seems to work but don't know if replacing those files with the previous ones will have a negative effect on the operation of the windows system. If people try it, best backup the files in case it causes issues for them and if it does, then restore the files back again or remove the Windows 10 18363.752 update till new version of Aero Glass is released.
  10. If you're being truthful then I assume you know BigMuscle and must have gotten it directly from him. Maybe you're a beta tester something for him. Hope its true and new version released soon.
  11. Bigmuscle will have a update available soon. We just need to be patient for now.
  12. Hi bigmuscle, when do you think you'll have the small glitch in Aero Glass fixed to support the Windows 183623.752 update and will you just be releasing a salient update or new version update of Aero Glass? Thanks.
  13. I had contacted bigmuscle about the same issue I'm having and on his testing, its the Windows 10 Cumulative Update Build 1909 (Build 183623.752) update that's broken and DWM randomly crashes even without Aero Glass installed. I think all we can do is wait till Microsoft releases and update that fixes the issue with the DWM crashes and perhaps in the meantime avoid the Windows 183623.752 update if wanting to use Aero Glass.
  14. I can confirm same issue after updating to KB 4541335. Seems the new windows update breaks Aero Glass. Hopefully a workaround or an Aero Glass update will be available soon to fix the issue.

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