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  1. Hi, maybe you can add native 24bit 192khz audio support into win98se into your next service pack. Just like the built in 24bit 192khz audio support in winxp.
  2. Hi, i'm currently using 3.3v agp card with my intel 865p mainboard with agp 3.0 slot. Everything is working fine but the mainboard's chipset is hotter and the agp power voltage was set to 1.5v. Will this cause damage to the PC ?
  3. Hi, i'm trying to find out what's causing a Pentium 2 HP workstation PC with winNT which show "Missing OS and PCI Bios" problems and not able to load it's OS ? My guess: 1)It need some sort of programs from it's server ? 2)Boot sector errors ? 3)Virus ? 4)Hardware damage ?
  4. Hi, have anyone installed open office for win98se ? I like to hear comments from users before a long download with only 56k connection.
  5. Thanks gape, i will try it out. update: I have installed Abiword and i think i will keep it. Also removed wordpad from my OS
  6. Hi, is there any free win98se replacment notepad or wordpad that support OCR and MS word format ?
  7. Hi, the service packs has added more life into win98se. I have more fun than problems.
  8. Hi, is it possible to include updated multimedia drivers e.g. intel indeo video/sound codec etc to SP2.0. Only those that originally come with win98se as they seem agaed. Btw i personally think adding updated system files and drivers is more realistic than uillities/programs to win98se so that the size of service pack won't become to large. Lastly i want to thanks Gape for his great service packs.
  9. Hi, so SP2.0 RC1 is not final as there maybe RC2 or more when necessary ?
  10. Hi, i have been supporting gape's win98se service pack since first release. May i know the purpose for RC1 ?
  11. Hi, i have installed win98 on Pentium, win98se on P2,P3,P4 systems. No difference system files that i have notice other than speed due to the mhz difference, it's also able to read the name of CPU on older pentium system under systen properties rather than the IDs of newer CPU. Overall win98se still work with newer CPU. For detailed infos, try www.mdgx.com
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