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  1. See what happens if you leave the ethernet cable out.
  2. I decided to reinstall windows xp. My pci-e version of x850xt seems to have a blank screen after the "now detecting hardware" message. It doesn't even make it to the blue screen. I tried using sp2 slipstreamed, and sp1 slipstreamed, and even one with integrated drivers for the ati card, but neither worked.
  3. Cause you have to find out what the common factor between the machines which have been causing problems for you are.
  4. Maybe if you tried slipstreaming sp2 and ALL hotfixes onto a cd that could fix some issues.
  5. Linux still cannot freely manipulate the ntfs filesystem. Read is almost seamless, write is irky.
  6. CLEAN CLEAN!! Also, do a diagnostic on all of your components.
  7. As the hard drives I am looking at are all SATA, they are all at least 8 mb. I was also wondering what would be the best partitioning scheme for my two drives.
  8. Try reflashing bios and shorting your cmos pin. (after), then reconfigure. Try checking the slave master jumper too.
  9. The second drive or drives (raid0) will have to fall under the 150 dollar budget.
  10. As stupid as this may sound, try your computer at someone elses house, then pull everything apart and use a contact cleaner (that cleans electrical contact points) and put your computer back together.
  11. Put it in the media bays with a hard drive drawer.
  12. I have a x850xt pe and xp, no problems here (using pci-e though). If agp 8x wasn't sufficient (it is) ati and nvidia wouldn't release the cards that are exceeding the capabilities of agp 8x onto the agp 8x platform. What about your directx and latest drivers? Maybe there may be a grounding or heat issue?

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