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  1. I did the translation and added the file to the folder but not everything changed
  2. One more suggestion whether you can add a start shortcut to the Application as shown in the picture to have everything at hand.
  3. Hi Is it possible to provide a language file for translation? You did a great job. regards
  4. No tak bywa Jak chcesz mogę ci podesłać wersję testową prv Pozdrawiam
  5. https://www.stardock.com/products/start11/
  6. In Windows 11, the startup logo StartIsBack 2.9.15 with the system one is superimposed. Will there be any repair fix?
  7. Updated Poland to the newest version 2.9.14 PL-PL.txt
  8. Hi. Can you ask for updates of the Polish language? Some are in English

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