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  1. Yep I used Resource Hacker and Photoshop, and swapped out the images. The setup dll took ages to get it looking right but I think it was worth the effort! For the Kernel files I used BootEditor to put the images in! Plasma
  2. Add a custom startup logo and change the colur of the progress bar.. I also replace the "winntbbu.dll" to give a custom setup screen... Plasma
  3. Hmmm .. I wonder, I have 2 custom Kernel files which I replace the existing ones with, I'll remake the ISO without doing this and see if that fixes the problem. Plasma Yup that was it, so thanks for the pointer! Though the question now is how do I integrate my custom Kernel files that I've done for years? I edited the SP3 originals with boot editor, and then ran ModifyPE on them, and re-packed them. This has worked for everything since I started using nLite. Any ideas? Or should i just try modifying them again! Plasma
  4. Hmmm .. I wonder, I have 2 custom Kernel files which I replace the existing ones with, I'll remake the ISO without doing this and see if that fixes the problem. Plasma
  5. Using nLite 1.4.5 and a copy of XP Pro Corp SP2 which I have Slipstreamed SP3 into using nLite. I have a copy of the source files which I move to the build directory each time I run nLite so its always a clean copy to begin with, the first few iterations ran fine, now on the last 3 times I've built it setup won't start and I get .. The file mountmgr.sys is corrupted - Press any Key To Continue I haven't changed anything as far as OS or patching is concerned the new iterations were to test some addons's I'd upgraded, to the OS files should have stayed the same. BTW, I'm mounting the ISO in VM Ware 6 to test it. Any Ideas? *great program by the way been using it for about 2 years* Plasma
  6. Ignore this post, I've solved the problem I had with KB929338 Cheers Plasma
  7. Unfortunately for me the RC2 works better than the Final. When I use the 1.3 Final I get this error during the unattended install of PowerDVD: When I run exactly the same .ini file through 1.3 RC2 I do not get his problem. Both .ini's attached, I have no other issues so will just use RC2 for the time being. Kind Regards Plasma Last_Session_RC2.ini Last_Session_Final.ini
  8. 2 features i would most like to see are ... Pin Default Browser and Email Client to Start Bar (as is on a normal install, they are missing on an nLited install and have to be put there manually) Enable Quick Launch by default (This would be BRILL!) Cheers Plasma
  9. Sorry, maybe I didn't phrase it very well, the shortcut is missing too. I'll add msinfo32.exe to the list of files to keep and put the shortcut back manually. Cheers! Plasma
  10. After a new install just noticed an Icon missing and so is the program it ponts to, this may have been lost a while ago as I've been using nLite for over a year, so not necessarily something new under START\Programs\Accessories\System Tools\System Info.lnk Points to "msinfo32.exe" which is missing. Can someone tell me what it is that removes this? Would have expected it to be in Applications section or OS Options but can't seem to see anything relative. Last Session .ini attached in case its of any use. Plasma Last_Session.ini
  11. ModifyPE seems to have worked, no install errors this time!! Plasma
  12. Cheers Nuhi (and fantastic program thanks) Ok, opened it with WinRar 3.62 and did a "Commands", "Test Archived Files" .. all passed ok. Tried it with ModifyPE and got .. D:\Source Files\Drivers\Siemens S6010 Laptop Drivers\Fujitsu FUJ02B1 Device Driver>modifype dmio.sys -c No Error occurred, have a nice day D:\Source Files\Drivers\Siemens S6010 Laptop Drivers\Fujitsu FUJ02B1 Device Driv er> Will now remake the the disk and see what happens. I'll report back! Plasma
  13. Hey folks, I extracted some drivers for my Fujitsu Siemens S6010 laptop from a working system using Driver Genius, most of them work however one of them comes up with the messge: "dmio.sys is corrupt or invalid" during an unattended install. Only 2 of the drivers extracted have this file and its the same date / version in both of them .. Any idea's how I can keep these drivers integrated but stop the "invalid" message? Like can I run ModifyPE on a .sys file???? Cheers Plasma
  14. Yep, tried it and it increased my ISO size by about 40Mb! So no good for me as I run a tight 700-701mb iso so it will fit on a single CDR, don't want to go to DVD or size wouldn't matter! As you can see from the ini's I have a LOT of appz integrated too! Plasma
  15. Great Work but my new ISO is 3Mb bigger than under 1.2.1 with even more stuff removed. I've been through the .ini's and the EXTRA lines in 1.3b (no lines missing just extra ones) are .. ;# Hardware Support # Iomega Zip drive ;# Network # H323 MSP ;# Operating System Options # Administrator VB scripts Auditing Resource Dlls Certificate Management I also directly integrated KB927978 where as previously I'd re-packed it in an CAB addon with the /quiet switch. So I was expecting it to be even smaller. On Checking the KB927978.exe is still in SVCPACK directory but is a few Kb smaller guess this is how you have added the integration then? But why is the ISO bigger by 3Mb when I've taken more out, I've added the .ini's for inspection but the only differences are that the 1.3 has the above extra lines and a .exe for the KB instead of a .cab. Also any chance of direct integration of KB913433, KB923789, KB917344 I currently repack them all as CAB addons with the /quiet switch??? (Which you will see from th .ini's)! Cheers BTW! Plasma
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