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  1. My Weather Gadget in Windows VIsta Home Premium Is Not Working Properly. Its showing an error "Service Not Available". I am from India. If I change my regional setting to English -US. Everything works perfectly. Can anyone help me.
  2. Any one knows how to clean the quick launch icons silently ?
  3. So many views but not a single reply. I want to know whether it works or not in your systems. Guys!!!! BE GENEROUS
  4. Mine Worked ECHO. ECHO Installing Norton Internet Security 2007 ECHO Please wait... start /wait F:\Apps\Norton\SymSetup.exe /qn /count:3 /noreboot /async:0 /msnscan:3 REGEDIT /S F:\Apps\Norton\Norton.reg You will have to configure it later. Norton.reg is the Norton Product key Installed in :- Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Symantec\CCPD-LC\KStore0000082000004900000bb] "Key"="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
  5. Hey! Can some one tell me how can can I silently install toshiba bluetooth stack.
  6. Anyone knows how to install ATI Caltalyst Drivers 5.4 silently. I want to create a seperate driver CD.
  7. But If you move the start menu shortcut after installation then it will give an error at startup or wehnever it scan something. I searched the norton site wehre it`s written that this is due to the moving ogf the shortcut from the orginal place.
  8. How to install Norton Antivirus 2005 in a particular folder in start menu. I am grouping all the files in particular folders. Like all media players in Music folder in the same way Antivirus apps in PC Security And BackUp Folder. How can I do it while installation
  9. Hey someone of you could explain to me how to extract real player files. I started the installation then went into temp folder, the files are there but there is no setup file. How can I silent install it?
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