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  1. I am a retro hardware enthusiast, replacing the processors with SSE2 ones would defeat my entire purpose
  2. Does Vista/Server 2008 also suffer from the same phenomenon as XP/POSReady 2009 and Win7 where patches released after mid-2018 started to require SSE2 support? I'm looking to spin up a Vista install on a P3 system, and need to know if there are certain updates that will break on a non-SSE2 processor
  3. Well I guess that's it. The last time running Windows XP Update on my dual Pentium Pro system. All updates excluding the SSE2 ones listed above installed without incident. It's been a great ride guys
  4. I'm about to update my non-SSE machine with everything since November 2018. Any specific updates to watch out for to exclude for SSE2 requirement?
  5. So it's a hard cutoff then? I was hoping that at least *some* of the post 3/18 updates would still work. (Similiar to the situation with the POSReady Windows XP updates where some of them require SSE2 but most do not)
  6. I'm sorry if I'm missing something obvious here, but does anyone have a list of Windows 7 updates that are safe to install on a non-SSE2 processor? Or is it more like a "you just can't install any updates at all after 2018" kind of thing?
  7. that is outstanding! is it or could it be possible to have a way to exclude updates that require SSE2?
  8. have you had a chance to run the script on the November updates by chance?
  9. Ok I went for it - everything up to present with the following excluded: KB4340937 KB4343674 KB4458000 KB4462987 KB4034775 KB4458006 KB4042007 KB4050795 KB4093257 KB4463573 KB4074852 KB4134651 (both versions offered) Seems like I'm good, everything's working!
  10. The machine actually runs XP quite well, I think you'd be surprised :D This poster was also running a non-SSE CPU, and it seems that apart from the listed updates everything else went fine... I'm wondering though if it would be a better idea for me to just load everything up through July 2018, or go ahead and get everything up to now except for the four listed above?
  11. I have recently built a Pentium Pro system (no SSE or even MMX support) and would like to get XP as up to date as possible on it. Would it be safe to install the POSReady updates up through July 2018? Currently the system is running fully up to date as of the official XP updates, no .NET frameworks installed or desired. Thanks

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