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  1. FF 88.0.1 is the latest version you can run for now, newer versions simply don't work strangely, the latest chrome works
  2. ok??? im just saying it works, probably not very well tho
  3. here for those who care lunar client (and probably badlion client too they're both pretty much the same underneath) work on vista https://prnt.sc/13cj55m install lunar client on a win7 vm or pc or dualboot or something, right click the shortcut icon on the desktop and click "open file location", then create a folder on windows vista and drag the contents of the folder on windows 7 to that folder and it just works
  4. maybe. i think its just like a browser window with the requirement of windows 7+ so it should work fine in the near future
  5. i think you mean the website (the client doesn't work at all) i have no idea how spotify works so sorry man i can't tell you
  6. latest version of chromium worked for me without any issues https://prnt.sc/1002rsc Edit: so does the latest version of firefox https://prnt.sc/1003g3k
  7. I have a GTX 970 along with an Intel Core i7-3770 3.40ghz CPU, but when I install the driver for the graphics card, it crashes within 3 minutes of logging in, any advice? Error Message: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Code: 0x000000D1 File that appears to be causing the problem: USBSTOR.SYS Edit: It isn't doing it any more, strange...
  8. in fact, it probably broke it entirely
  9. I can read. That post does not help my situation.
  10. well ok ur not gonna help me thats 5 euros down the drain
  11. yeah... i tried that... didn't work
  12. Hello Big Muscle... I donated 5 euros today and when I put the downloaded donation key in the C:\Aeroglass folder and I reboot, it says "Aero glass does not know how to hook your version of DWM" (and I have the symbols in the C:\Aeroglass\symbols folder) and it says "Do you want to download the symbols from Microsoft server?" I press Retry, even though I know that they've discontinued all symbol downloads now. So the window reappears, and then I press Cancel and the window goes away. Then when I open another window, there's no Aero Glass! Please help me Big Muscle! Attachments area

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