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  1. I just don't know about the screenshot, it's fake or true
  2. Hello, I recently read the news that one independent developer managed to launch the Microsoft Store in Windows 7(https://windowsru.com/7/9k6v#comment-form), I have a question is it possible to make Windows universal applications work on this OS (Windows 7)?
  3. Interestingly, at first I thought that this was your project, now the situation has cleared up, thanks, it’s a pity that you can’t backport Chromium 75, Chinese browsers are certainly good, but they have a drawback, this is the lack of English or Russian, and Western extensions (exception DC Browser) + you can’t access some sites, by the way, you have a very good site, I find a lot of useful things for myself there. (I am writing using Google-translator)
  4. I also tried to install the DC Browser browser on Windows 2000, although the installation was successful, but the browser does not start, it refers to the chrome_elf.dll error, I tried to add this missing dll, but another error related to Kerner32.dll came out, how to fix it?
  5. The founder of the site https://retrosystemsrevival.blogspot.com/ is looking for developers to backport Chromium 75 to Windows XP, is this possible version of browser backport to Windows 2000?
  6. No, according to the author of the retrosystemsrevival, this new browser
  7. The extensions to advanced chromium 54 work, as for Tencent QQ Web Browser 10.4.2, then it runs in Windows XP mode, I downloaded this browser from here - http://retrosystemsrevival.blogspot.com/ I myself don't speak English myself, I have to use a google-translator
  8. Would I ever like to run Microsoft Edge and Windows Media Player 12 on Windows 2000
  9. This Tencent QQ Web Browser 10.4.2 based in chromium 70 I communicate with the developers of ReactOS in a telegram, go here - t.me/reactos let's talk
  10. Wow! Cool work you do, thank you very much for it, it would be very cool to get a web browser Chromium 54 and higher on NT 4.0 or even Windows Sidebar from Vista

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