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  1. Artweaver 6 unofficially works on Vista. It can be installed without any tricks.
  2. WPS Office 2019 works on Vista, so status is - ongoing. FineReader 14 (latest for now) - works on Vista, if unofficial portable version used. Nero 2019 works on Vista, if unofficial repacked version used. OpenVPN v. 2.4.6-I602 is the last version of software, that works correctly on my Vista. Version 2.4.7 brings errors, and connection is not establishing. The last snapshot of Vivaldi browser, that runs on Vista is v. 1.1.443.3. PROMT 18 is the last version of software for Vista. Maybe, it's possible to run PROMT 19, but I could not do it yet. SuperTuxKart 1.0.0 - fresh version of this game is still possible to run on Vista
  3. Guys, I found an application that requires .NET Framework 4.7.2 - dnSpy is .NET debugger and assembly editor. https://github.com/0xd4d/dnSpy And yes, it works on Vista! Unfortunately, I'm not yet so cool to use it. Portable application. Does not require installation.
  4. Some information. The latest version of Adobe Air for Vista is Starting with version 30, this software does not work on XP and Vista. Sound Forge 13 runs on Vista, if you use the portable option (if you find it). Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do it legally, so I don’t provide links. Just information for those interested. I also have two files - jdk-9.0.3+9_windows-x86_bin.exe and jre-9.0.4_windows-x86_bin.exe . They are successfully installed on 32-bit Vista. But! They were released, and then immediately removed from public access, and officially they are not available. However, in fact, if you need Java 9 on Vista x86, you can get it. And these are the latest versions for the x86 platform. There are no updates and never will be. Also chinese UC Browser, PC-version - works on Vista. It is based on Chromium 55.
  5. The latest version of FileZilla I was able to run on Vista is 3.39.0. Later versions no longer work. I even tried using PEMaker, but it didn't work. Maybe I did something wrong - check if there are interested ones. Therefore, probably, FileZilla also dropped out of the race.
  6. @Blados, no, both architectures are supported. But the developers, when they throw support for Vista, complained that the code was very different and difficult to maintain. Due to hardware acceleration. I tried to run the MSI file - it sends to setup.exe . Setup.exe requires Windows 7. I modified the MSI file and installed it. With .NET 4.7.2 is installed. ... is not Win32 application. Alas.
  7. Paint.NET requires Windows 7. Developers throw old Windows very quickly. Only v. 3.5.11 works on Vista. Is it possible to run Paint.NET as a portable application?
  8. @Blados, perhaps you are right. I just installed all the files in order that I downloaded. Some of them installed, some is not. It is a pity that they do not come in an official way (Then only the necessary would be applied). But it is logical.
  9. @Blados, I also tried to look for what is possible to install - it turned out 22 updates. Here is a list. But probably, it's also did not complete. It now remains to find applications that require these fresh versions of the .NET Framework
  10. To my regret, version 4.8 didn't works. ShareX did not start, MyFamilyTree, too, gave the same error. Although with 4.6.2 Preview everything worked well. It seems that a successful installation does not mean the successful working of the application. None of the developers have tested it for Vista. Version 4.6.2 Preview does not have such fatal differences, so it works. Also, it is (ver. 4.8) not recognized by third-party programs.
  11. Yes, it really works. And the only place on the Internet where you can find the neccessary installation file is archive org site. https://archive.org/details/NDP462KB3120735X86X64AllOSENU
  12. It is quite possible that both companies are independently developing - they have closed patches that are applied to the fresh Chromium every time they need to update their browser to the major version. Therefore, a compatible Chinese version of Chromium may not exist. I am glad to know that Maxthon still supports XP and Vista. By and large - it’s quite realistic to find out the addresses that the browser is accessing and block them in the system. You can update the browser manually, when neccesary. In the meantime, it has not been updated - new tracking points will not appear. Personally, I don’t care about tracking. I do not think that the Chinese are going to harm someone through the Internet. But I am worried about unauthorized network activity - the use of computer resources without my knowledge, which is really characteristic of unwanted software. But with this you can cope, if desired. The support of these browsers for old systems is due to practical necessity - in China, the largest number of computers with XP, more than anywhere else in the world, and they need a modern browser, it turned out to be easier to maintain compatibility than to change hardware to a new one.
  13. Porting the browser is always a difficult task. And for this you need motivation. The code for supporting old OS was removed from Chromium, and the new one was written without such support. In theory, everything is possible. In practice, we have what we have.
  14. Of course. But only the Chinese are so hardworking to port the chrome engine to XP and Vista. I haven’t had a cases that website is closed... It’s possible that this restricting functionality doesn’t work outside of China. Yes, it is a Chinese product. To use it or not is a personal matter. For me, this is a great program, bringing a modern engine to Vista :)
  15. 360 Extreme Explorer 11.0.2031.0 - working on Vista! It's based on Chromium 69.0.3497.100. And this is the latest rendering engine that exists for Vista. Works stably, Chrome extensions are supported. Here - https://browser.360.cn/ee/en.html
  16. Hello! Here is custom build of GIMP 2.9.9 - that works on Vista. It's portable. And it supports 32-bit colors. https://www.gimpuj.info/index.php/topic,67846.0.html
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