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  1. makecab acpi.sys is enough, gives you acpi.sy_ Dietmar
  2. Best is, to make a new *.iso install CD for XP SP3 with nlite. And in installationsfolder, just change acpi.sys against new version via makecab.exe Dietmar PS: I tested this on 2 AM4 boards, asrock fatal1ty ab350 gaming k4 and asus prime b350 plus and a lot of newer Intel boards, works everywhere.
  3. New acpi.sys I make which works until now on any XP SP3. AMD, Intel, new, old boards, all languages. Please test test test and tell results Dietmar acpi.rar
  4. XP works on Ryzen https://www.win-raid.com/t4035f45-Windows-XP-SP-bit-and-modern-PC-parts-51.html#msg80487 Dietmar
  5. Vista 32 bit does not work on B350 chipset (Ryzen). Only the 64 bit legacy Vista version works. On the Asrock fatal1ty ab350 gaming k4 it is impossible to have any kind of Vista 32 bit, because there is no APIC mode in Bios, only PIC. And because of this you get BSOD "no Acpi compatible Bios", no matter if you install Vista or use it from another compi (I try Vista 32 bit from AM3+ board) Dietmar
  6. Hi, I am happy, when all AMD Ryzen users can make a quick test via rw-everything, if there is a MPS table on their board. For this, just click MPS on top of the RW-everything window Dietmar PS: I do not succeed to install Vista 32 bit on any Ryzen board. It is, because APIC mode is not enabled via Bios, and so ACPI fails.
  7. New acpi.sys for XP SP3 32 bit, all languages and compis. Please tell me results for making things better Dietmar acpi.rar EDIT: The problem is more complex: On my asrock fatal1ty z370 gaming k6 with acpi.sys 5048 I get again BSOD 0xA5 (0x03, xxx, C0140008, yyy). And in its Bios I isolated ALL CreateQwordField instructions. EDIT2: The problem may be really in QwordConstant: acpi.sys from XP has no problem with this word. But acpi.sys 5048 has. This I know, because in DSDT table from the asrock fatal1ty z370 gaming k6 there appear QwordMemory and QwordAcc. I do not isolate them. XP boots. And may be because of QwordMemory and QwordAcc BSOD 0xA5 (0x03, xxx, C0140008, yyy) with acpi.sys 5084 on the Asrock board. So, at the moment, acpi.sys 5084 is worse than my modded acpi.sys before.
  8. I think, this one will work Intel X540-T2 (I prefer with only one RJ45 connector Intel X540-T1) Ethernet Adapter for 10 GBit, interesting, because I look for the same. Drivers in 18.3 packet from Intel for Win Server 2003 32 bit, so XP SP3 32 bit:)), Dietmar PS: Quick search via geizhals.de tells, that this are the only networkcards for 10 Gbit/s which work for XP 32 bit also.
  9. Today I make an update of the acpi.sys driver for Windows XP SP3 32 bit which should work on any compi. AMD, Intel, language does not matter Dietmar acpi.rar
  10. At https://www.win-raid.com/t4035f45-Windows-XP-SP-bit-and-modern-PC-parts.html you can see the whole thread. I tried to build a complete new acpi.sys for XP because I know, that the very first version of Vista Longhorn April 2005 had the same problem with ACPI, because based on ACPI 1.b. Later versions of Vista learns new vocabulary, 14 pieces from ACPI 2.0. This I tried to teach them XP acpi.sys also. But it needs so much time and I can do this kind of fun only in my holidays. Read the thread at Fernando. The latest Bios for the APEX X motherboard does not need any more than those 3 files, no need to change Bios! But other manufactures BIOS are worse. By the way, the clock changed in newer chipsets. Until now, I do not see a XP Bios, with working clock z370, z390 and ACPI. So, you need also hal.dll for clock and intelppm.sys for powermanagment C1, C2..states Dietmar
  11. Today, 9. April 2019 I got 13 updates for XP :)). I do not know, where to upload this 3 files. The files are all for german version of XP 32 bit, but when you compare them via Hexeditor with your original files, at onces you see the difference. intelppm.sys works for all languages, but acpi.sys and hal.dll need to be fixed by yourself Dietmar ACPIcool.rar
  12. @Dibya, I change 3 Byte. Look at acpi.sys with Hexeditor and replace 75F87414FF -> 75F8EB14FF 84C07508FF -> 84C0EB08FF 59597C21A1 -> 59597C00A1 thats all. It overcomes some stupid tests from acpi.sys in DSDT table in Bios (for example checksum). This was the breakthrough for full ACPI support in XP on all newer motherboards Dietmar
  13. Oha, I just noticed, that the timer in the original XP Bios from EVGA for the z390 dark motherboard not works. And also compi stays always in C0 state, brrr. And the most crazy thing: This happens also in Win10, power consumption on 9900k always about 27 Watt.. Now I chance all against my modified acpi.sys hal.dll intelppm.sys and all is nice: Full ACPI support with Hyperthreading, Timer works, powerconsumption on 9900k about 2 Watt:)). This simple means, we, Mov AX, 0xDEAD and me Dietmar are better :)) Dietmar
  14. I also installed XP SP3 on an Intel nvme optane drive on the EVGA dark z390 board. Waaoh, this is faster than speed of light^^, boots in 4 seconds full XP. Internet works, USB 3.1 via Asmedia and full ACPI support. But I have no sound. I tried extra soundcard from Asus Xonar (for XP) the driver installs but does not start. My NVIDIA gtx 980 works, but also no sound on HDMI line, same message "diver does not start". May be this happens, because it is a very early Bios version for XP. Next I use the DSDT table from that XP-Bios and put it to version Bios104, hope for better (I WANT SOUND:))!!!) Dietmar PS: The latest lan driver I got working in XP was i217. i218 and i219 do no work, even not with modded inf file. When you take a look at Win 7 and Dependency Walker you see, that driver for i219 is different from before, see also https://blog.kylemanna.com/hardware/intel-nic-igb-i211-vs-e1000e-i219/
  15. After very good results for speed test in any situation, and long life, I just ordered an Intel Optane SSD 905P 960GB, PCIe 3.0 x4 (SSDPED1D960GAX1) and will install XP SP3 on nvme on it. I use the EVGA dark z390 motherboard for this, it has a brand new BIOS with full XP ACPI support. In few days I report about, Dietmar
  16. Take a look at the reboot.pro forum, here is XP SP3 32 bit on Intel Optane nvme bootdevice Dietmar
  17. I installed from CD. This CD I build, via Nlite and integrate there the Iastor.sys driver from the website https://www.win-raid.com I noticed some strange behavior during install via USB and firadisk. So, classic method with CD is best to install XP using a PS/2 mouse and keyboard Dietmar AHCI32bit.rar
  18. Hi, I get all running on asrock fatal1ty z370 gaming k6. Acpi, sound, nvme, lan, video with Nvidia card gtx 980, USB 3.1 there are drivers for XP 32 bit for this board. 64 bit XP I have not tested. Celeron, i8700k, 9900k work there with XP. Very stable, I think the newest, best you can get for small money and XP Dietmar
  19. Hi all, does somebody know, what to do with Hal.dll for Acpi multiprocessor, to force Windows XP to use the internal clock CPU TSC? This means to stop by brute:)) force the PM timer. I think HPET timer never works in XP. With the Bios mod for Acpi, I get crazy results for the timer with WinTimerTester_1.1, have a nice evening Dietmar
  20. This means, that the Noctua NH-D15 cooler is very good. I ordered the same one. For to enable ASMEDIA ASM3142, you have to put all the USB*.sys drivers in folder Windows\system32\drivers. I chose them from XP SP1 but I think other works also. The USB driver can be USB 3.0+3.1 Drivers v1.16.41.3, but the newest version also works, Dietmar
  21. Hi deSSy2724, I downloaded p95v294b7.win32 from https://www.mersenne.org/download/ and run "Just stress test" without any modification on all 8 cores (blend, tests of everything..) on brandnew Intel 9900k on ASRock Fatal1ty Z370 Gaming K6, Corsair 3200 MHZ, nothing overclocked, have a nice evening Dietmar
  22. Waaoh, I just find a BIOS with ACPI support for XP for Asus Apex X. https://community.hwbot.org/topic/174849-rog-maximus-x-apex/?page=2 So, it can be done and I am curious how they reached it. I saw a dxe file with name ACPI in it. So I can compare original Bios ROG-MAXIMUS-X-APEX-ASUS-1704.CAP and for XP modded Bios ROG-MAXIMUS-X-APEX-ASUS-1704_mod3.CAP Interesting, what they change and how to come to this ideas Dietmar
  23. Hi, the temperature with 100% load on all 8 cores does not exceed 64 degree Celsius during 30 min prime95 on this 9900k under XP with an very carefull installed, boxed Intel air cooler. The temperature with the same cooler reach 100 degree on 8700k under the same conditions with XP. So, Intel did a good job with soldering the heat spreader Dietmar
  24. Hi all, in next days I get a CH341A Bios flash programer. After reading a lot about modding Bios, I think it is also possible, to bring full ACPI support back to XP. The fatal1ty z370 gaming k6 motherboard has the MX25L12873F Bios chip and also a second Bios chip, if something bad happens during flash. The Asrock motherboards have the best Bios support of all motherboards I think, and because of this it is exact the right test object have a nice evening Dietmar @dencorso: It was also a hard beginning for me. Nothing works. But now, there is full bright light.
  25. Hi all, I just install XP SP3 on a Asrock fatal1ty z370 gaming k6 motherboard with 64 GB and 9900k cpu. Speed is amazing, about 30% faster than Win10. I did a long search on a motherboard for coffee lake and XP. I think, this board is the only one today, 15. November 2018, with works with XP in full. All works: ASMedia ASM3142 USB 3.1 with 300 Mbyte/s on Sandisk USB stick Samsung pro 970 nvme as boot medium for XP, sound Realtec lan Intel 211v Gafik Palit 980 GTX COM1 serial, have a nice day Dietmar

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