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  1. On my last post, I stated that I have a PC that has an Matrox Millennium PCI Graphics Card and the PC can run Windows 98. Now this graphics card has been out for a while and since it's been released since I don't know, I am thinking of upgrading the graphics card to something more modern. Any suggestions on the best card for Windows 98? RAM of the PC: 128 MB (If I remember and heard correctly when speaking with the last person who owned it) Graphics Card: Matrox Millennium unknown model number. If knowing correctly it has two ISA slots (one of which has a aftermarket sound card I think) and two PCI cards (one of which has the Matrox Millennium).
  2. Thanks for the replies. I was really curious about this myself because I hate how Windows 9x and 2000 look when no driver is detected (because it's stuck on an ugly non true 16bit color. I currently have I believe a Matrox Millennium card in the PCI slot of the PC (not so sure what model, but I do have a driver floppy). Currently I don't believe any OS is installed. (Not sure because I got this PC from someone else and I don't have a compatible keyboard (and the PC doesn't seem to allow booting without a keyboard and reports with a message saying no keyboard is detected and because at the moment I don't have a serial keyboard or old style AT keyboard and waiting for an adapter to show up and a few other mice that some of which are serial and PS2 mainly because I can't confirm that the mice I got works or works properly).
  3. I was looking for a video card for Windows 98 SE with a driver disk and I found one for Windows 95. I hate the way Windows 9x and how Windows 2000 looks when no graphics driver is installed (or installed correctly I guess). I know Windows 98 SE should at least provide compatibility with Windows 95 drivers, but does Windows 95 drivers allow Windows 98 SE to have full true 16, 24, or 32bit graphics or does Windows 95 drivers make Windows 98 stay on low resolution 256 colors?

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