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  1. Another thing... I don´t remember if there is already a solution for this, but, is it possible now to install this roytam1´s Pale Moon browser in portable mode so it doesn´t create folders in C:? It does create two 'Pale Moon' folders here. MyPal in portable mode doesn´t create them. Thanks.
  2. Problem solved: MyPal 28.3.1 works fine. So I´m gonna use this browser for now. Swapping browsers when a problem arise in any of them. BTW, I tried changing the settings as explained before but it didn´t work. On the other hand, some other browsers did work, like old Chrome, old Firefox and old Maxthon. Weird... because none of roytam1´s latest versions of Pale Moon browser worked on Google Maps. Thanks anyway.
  3. But, if this WebGL is broken, where is it broken? If clean installations of new browsers have the same problem, the problem doesn´t seem to be within the 'about:config' configuration of the browser, does it?
  4. Thanks for your replies, but the solutions given could still be viable knowing that, as I said, this problem doesn´t occur with Chrome? If the problem were hardware acceleration or the graphics card drivers, it should happen also with Chrome, right? I don´t know about WebGL, but will try the modifications mentioned for about:config.
  5. Well, I just tried the 3 mods available of the latest version of the browser, 27.9, and the problem is there on 3 mods. Tested with clean installs, no old settings. This problem doesn´t occur with Google Chrome, with the old latest working version on XP. So, what could be the problem? Here I attach a screenshot so you can see.
  6. Hi guys, Does Google Maps work fine for you? For me it opens fine but after a second or two, the map´s screen goes black and can´t show any part of the map. The zoom tool is there though. What´s wrong? How can I fix this? Thanks. Cheers.
  7. Just in case anyone is interested, I found an extension which does exactly what I wanted. It mutes and then unmutes any audio source from the browser with a simple click on a nice icon it places on the status bar. Here is the link for it: https://addons.mozilla.org/es/firefox/addon/muter/ But, is there any feature on this browser which already could this? I don´t know, but perhaps through a keys combination...
  8. Hey guys, Is there any Volume Control on this browser, or at least any extension for such task, audio volume control and with a Mute feature? Thanks!
  9. Hi, I have installed a package language, spanish, but having to modify a about:config line with the "es-ES" flag. It has worked, but on Twitter, the spelling corrector seems to work for english only. How can I make it work for spanish? Thanks.
  10. I forgot to mention that the latest version of MyPal, 28.0.1, fixes the problem with 1080 videos, they now run smoothly.
  11. Sorry to confirm but, this same Twiitter video clip´s audio plays back fine with MyPal, latest version from yesterday, portable installation, but it plays back distorted with your latest build, portable installation too. Just trying to help:
  12. MyPal does not have this problem, so the codec pack or codecs in my system should be irrelevant.
  13. OK, thanks. Hopefully it is fixed soon. With these issues I have to use both browsers. MyPal doesn´t have this audio problem with Twitter videos, but has another annoying one: 1080 videos are not played back smoothly fullscreen, they lag a bit. I don´t know if this problem is known too.
  14. Hi, I just noticed that the latest version, palemoon-28.1.0a1.win32-git-20180825-74c6c585a-xpmod, plays back audio tracks from Tweeter videos poorly, they sound like if they were treated with a pitch effect, the pitch is lowered or slowed down. MyPal latest version plays them back fine though. Please, check this problem so it can be fixed. Thanks.
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