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  1. What about earlier versions? Do you have a working version archived somewhere?
  2. Blackwingcat, what's the current situation regarding Steam? Installing Extended Kernel still doesn't launch my archived Nov. 2018 build of the client. Is there anything else I need to install or have you still not fixed the problem?
  3. I'm aware of the 32-bit iCafe driver which works pretty well on my XP x86 installation, but I was curious to know if there was an x64 variant that has been removed from the net. I wasn't able to find anything, so if anybody has something hit me up.
  4. Same issue Andreasmir. And even when I disable steamerrorreporter, Steam allocates about 7 megabytes of resources into RAM and just quits.
  5. Hello, blackwingcat. I have been using the Extended Kernel for several years and I am generally satisfied, but there are 2 things that still Irk me. 1) Many raw Input dependant applications (MAME, PCem, 86box etc.) are unusable because Win2000 doesn't accept raw input. Is there a patch that I've missed that could solve this issue? 2) Steam is very quirky. Now If I would to launch steam, it would load about 7,900K of it's data into RAM and Immediately close. What's strange is that I've used Steam on Win2000 before Just fine. Any suggestions?
  6. Hello there. I'm one of those Freakish Windows 2000 Fanatics who try to run absolutely everything on it and use it as a daily driver OS. I've only recently signed up here because I'm not a huge fan of Forums, but hey, what gives.
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