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  1. All this talk of Vista-7 Transformation Guide and I can't find it. Links someone?
  2. I am dual-booting Windows 10 and Windows 7 will this work on Win7? I want the Vista start menu style.
  3. I have two bugs to report: 1) When using the Vista Aero style there is a progression bar bug on the task bar buttons. I did some photo-shopping to show what I mean. The Auslogics on the left is what it does when I click on the desktop to shift my main window focus away from the app. The Green progression bar turns dark green. The Auslogics on the right was photo-shopped on their to show what it should look like? I haven't used Vista in a VERY long time so I don't know if that was intended? Plus you can see the corners of the green peaking out from the edges. 2) Sometimes I am unable to click on the sound/volume icon on the bottom right of the task-bar. No context menu or anything will come up but when clicking/right clicking Network, ENG, 12:33(Time) or the notifications icon I get a cascade window. It won't fix itself unless I restart explorer.exe Same thing happens on all the included themes. I switched to Windows 7/10 Default to see if it was the vista theme but it didn't let me right click it.
  4. The link is broken unfortunately. Nevermind that's google giving me that BS ERR_EMPTY_MESSAGE crap. Used Edge and got it, thanks.
  5. Well you get it from Windows Vista. But the link my friend had expired so I Uploaded the original vista msstyles. https://www.dropbox.com/s/c9nzx5e6lz5nzux/Vista Styles.rar?dl=0
  6. I have a vista taskbar theme that I have been using since the past few major updates and it has always worked. I know it's not part of the main release but as I said it's worked all up until this latest release. It's the msstyle ripped right from Vista.
  7. This program has been great ever since I purchased it. But this latest update did something weird that wasn't present before. When I right click a button on the task bar I get a bright white background now that obscures the text. Wasn't like that before it updated. Windows 10 x64

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