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  1. Creating an iOS + Android app for my community!

    just tested the chatwing app builder and can confirm the app wizard available makes it straightforward to create an app. nice feature, the app supports Google admob ads so you can display banner ads and make money.
  2. Google account: skip phone verification

    I am confused about this. Would like to say the back email keep blank?
  3. Google account: skip phone verification

    Even this is the same situation happening for me. When I go to create a new google account it's ask for phone verification. And I can use one number per account. I don't know how to skip this verification. Does anyone here can give me better idea? Thanks!
  4. Hey everybody

    Welcome to the MSFN. Enjoy your stay here ...............
  5. Good Morrow

    You have come to the right place. Welcome!
  6. Kitten Summer Games - August 2016

    I like to watch super bowl games. Whenever I get free times I see this. But so far I didn't play this game you are taking about.
  7. Is this really? Even I can't believe it because 66 years for a bird is a long long time to survive himself. If this true then I am really happy to know about this. Thank you!
  8. What Are You Listening To?

    Prayer songs at the first morning. This refresh my mind and keep me awaken for whole time.
  9. Hello dear!

    Hello mate, Greetings to all! I am new member into this community. I would like to introduce myself all of you guys. Thanks!