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  1. On 1/31/2020 at 12:04 PM, dencorso said:

    Went or have gone???



    Anyway, that must be something on your (or your ISP's) end, not at MSFN's. Maybe some additional whitelisting is needed? Every time ISPs add "smarter AI" to their systems, dumber things start happening, you know.

    It's just a Gmail. I suppose for some, Google is technically is an ISP, though. But hopefully adding the MSFN email address to the address book will stop it from going to spam folder.

  2. Just to make people aware— my site has been down for a couple days and will continue to be for a few more. Gone are the “dark ages” of my unofficial browser installer needing my server to work, but if you try to download my installer and discover the link is broken, that is why. I will post another update when it is back online.


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  3. Also living near the Canadian border, (until my antenna blew away in a windstorm last month), I also got some Canadian stations. Ironically, due to my geography, I don't get any US stations, despite living in the US. But I'm only receiving digital stations, so i'd presume the analog stuff is more of a Rural Canada thing.

  4. 4 hours ago, Mathwiz said:

    The thing is, @roytam1 didn't write and doesn't maintain the installer; @i430VX does!

    It probably wouldn't be hard for his installer to ask if you wanted a portable install, and add the necessary options to the shortcuts it creates. But @i430VX is the one to ask.

    I can certainly add this to the list. But, currently my installer is in maintinence-mode (only fixing serious bugs and not many new stuff) due to not having much free time. I have things for the installer of a higher priority when the free time arises, but I am commited to adding an "install as portable" option eventually. :)

    But, yeah. As a reminder, @roytam1 is not affiliated with the house of cards known as my browser installer. He ports changes and compiles binaries, I just make an (Unofficial!) installer that eases the retreival and unpacking of said binary archives.

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  5. 11 hours ago, Nojus2001 said:

    I had sort of this problem with Roy's browsers after installing XomPie (On Windows Server 2003 the browsers don't start at all and some programs that aren't patched give errors until you uninstall the patcher) It seems like there some sort of "DLL conflict" with the programs, but again it's NOT a Trojan or nor anything malicious included, some AntiViruses give false positives for these custom DLLs from my experience :)

    I cannot say I've ever run into this problem you speak of. I've even installed XomPie on server 03, didnt happen there.

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  6. 4 hours ago, Mathwiz said:

    or perhaps his SSErpent 52 build (that last one is still experimental though).

    As long as you have plenty of RAM (at least 512MB IMO), Serpent IA32 works fine. Maybe there is issues, maybe not, but I certainly haven't seen any.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Matt A. Tobin said:

    Well.. I created an icon for the Whistler Branding which would be used on Pale Moon... It is based on a public domain photo of the actual whistler mountain.
    <images pulled from quote to not clutter the thread>

    I like this icon. :thumbup

    And the orange you added later really complements it

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  8. 40 minutes ago, Mathwiz said:

    OK, so my test plan for tomorrow is:

    1. Download and unpack @roytam1's FF 52.0.a1 build linked above
    2. Install the UOC Patch & Enforcer for FF 45
    3. Scroll up & down in some web pages and look for the issues seen above. Try both with e10s off and on.

    Any suggested Web pages to try? Is MSFN enough?

    When I test the patches I typically use darksky.net, a google search results page, MSFN, and the vogons forum

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  9. 11 hours ago, SD73 said:

    Apparently Vlad' isn't too worried about hacking.

    Vladimir Putin reportedly runs an outdated version of Windows on his computer, which is vulnerable to hacking


    It's not Windows XP.

    If any version of windows, that thick taskbar, and the small, non-green start button would say that it's Windows 7 (Windows Basic theme)
    But its probably not windows.



    Apparently some unnamed russian internet offical has confirmed it to be XP, but it sure doesnt look like it. I’m not convinced.

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  10. Hey guys, I’m now the proud owner of a PCI 8400GS that I got for my Compaq DeskPro EN running Windows XP.

    There’s just one small issue. With this PCI GPU in, the computer will not shut off. Doesn’t matter if I boot windows or not, and it happens in other computers that I’ve tried the card in, too. It does “flick” off for a split second but promptly turns back on and begins booting again.

    My questions are:

    -Why does this happen?

    -Is there anything I can do to stop it, like taping over a specific “power on” pin or something?




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