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  1. At least on my systems, it was a "recommended" update. Still, ludicrous rating for what it is, completely optional software.

    You may benefit from verifying that this checkbox is unchecked in Windows Update settings.


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  2. 59 minutes ago, Jody Thornton said:

    Well it seems any day now (though likely September 2020), the Polymer 2 will be the ONLY way to view YouTube.  What is the consensus on this?  I don't use XP, but I was using Pale Moon and it will also be affected.  What are the plans of many of you moving forward?

    I will hold onto the old one for dear life. When they finally rip it away I will probably still (though nearly unbearably, nothing has separation, and very slow) use normal YouTube some, but explore alternative youtube "shell" sites. (there was one that doesn't look too great in appearance but is incredibly lightweight, the name escapes me)

  3. 1 hour ago, RainyShadow said:


    It fails for all browsers, not just basilisk.

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    Extracting archive: P:\Temp\_shared\bnavigator.win32-20200523-53da04b4-uxp-4d373c1d3-xpmod.7z
    Path = P:\Temp\_shared\bnavigator.win32-20200523-53da04b4-uxp-4d373c1d3-xpmod.7z
    Type = 7z
    Physical Size = 31044163
    Headers Size = 2162
    Method = LZMA2:24 BCJ
    Solid = +
    Blocks = 2

    Everything is Ok

    Folders: 14
    Files: 92
    Size:       86866056
    Compressed: 31044163
    P:\Temp\_shared\RTBInst>move /Y borealis "C:\Program Files\borealis\"
    The system cannot find the path specified.
            0 file(s) moved.

    XXMkLink     ver 1.00    (c)2005 Copyright  Pixelab, Inc.

    The shortut created as follows


    The error is in the mkdirXXX.bat files.

    cd "%programfiles%" don't change the active drive. Since my %temp% and %programfiles% are on different drives, this just fails.

    ^(F!@##n forum soft...)

    Also, it would be nice if it allows different install folder. My browsers go in E:\Programs\



    interesting. for now i can offer no workarounds, but i shall try to work different drive support into a future release of the installer.

  4. 2 hours ago, RainyShadow said:

    btw. your unofficial installer fails to move the extracted files here. It just does download > extract > *fail* > create shortcut to missing file.

    Are you running under admin privileges? Let me try it out myself and see what happens.

    UPDATE: I was unable to replicate the issues you tell of. "Works on my machine," as they say.
    If you are running it with admin-level privileges, then please delete any "basiliskia32" folder that may exist in the program files folder, as NTFS permissions can be "touchy". Presuming there was such a folder and you deleted it, then try again and it should work.

  5. 27 minutes ago, win32 said:

    These were the drivers I was thinking of:


    Released December 2002, so they reference the earlier R200 cards like the Radeon 9000. But your card was released in July 2004. Maybe there were minor changes that could have made the older drivers unusable?

    Yet, since it boots to a blank screen instead of producing a blue screen or just not starting with one of the user-mode components complaining about the lack of EnumDisplayMonitors, I thought that somehow that one would work better with Windows 95 than drivers from 2003 or 4.

    I cannot specifically remember versions i tried. Sometime I'll throw the card back in a win95 box and get back to you on if it works or not with that one.

  6. 2 hours ago, win32 said:

    The ATi Radeon 8500 works in Windows 95 according to @LoneCrusader, and apparently the same applies for the Radeon 9200. I'd like to say that 7xxx/8xxx/9000/9200/9500/9700 Radeons work, since they are listed as compatible with supposedly 95-compatible drivers from 2002.

    But my Mobility Radeon 7500 just boots to a blank screen with any 95-compatible driver installed.

    Maybe i didnt find the right driver but my radeon 9250 never worked on my win95C machine. drivers couldnt start or didnt install.

  7. 1 hour ago, RainyShadow said:


    Is there a SSE build of NM28XP? Or anything else newer than NM27.9.7?

    Well, that is new. I suspect you mean a brwoser based on a more recent engine. You could try the IA32 build of Serpent, but as far as I know there is no dice for NM28.

  8. On 2/25/2020 at 12:38 PM, Dylan Cruz said:
    1. At some point during installation, it said something like "InterLink is the browser and MailNews is the mail client", but I think you meant Borealis or whatever.


    1. The installer itself does download the programs. However, I can't figure it out. It downloaded both of the programs (New Moon x64 and MailNews) into the proper Programs Files directories, which is good. But...
    2. IT created desktop shortcuts for both programs, but it put them on the desktop of the CURRENT USER - rather than in the "Public Desktop" folder. I logged into an administrator account to run the installer and when I logged back in to a standard account, no shortcuts. But that's not a big deal, I can create the shortcuts manually. "New Moon x64" is a good name, but I prefer "MailNews" to "Interlink" (and it opens and shows "MailNews" in the title bar anyways) so I would rename it anyways

    known bug, I will work on that.

    1. However, from a standard account, I cannot actually run either program! When I try accessing the respective folder in Program Files, it says that I require administrator privileges to accomplish this!
    2. I know these programs don't require admin rights, so why does the installer lock these browsers down to administrators only? That kind of defeats the whole point.

    basically another part of that same bug.

    1. I'd prefer a simpler version, if possible, that just downloaded the latest of the selected programs and put them in the program files directories, and didn't restrict the directory permissions or create desktop shortcuts. Is this possible?

    that is basically what the end goal is, I think. What you say seems to be about what I have, sans mentioned bug. I could easily add a "dont make shortcuts" or a "put shortcut in public/private folder only" option.


    How can I recompile your code?

    I used winrar to """compile""" (not really, just packing).

  9. On 1/31/2020 at 12:04 PM, dencorso said:

    Went or have gone???



    Anyway, that must be something on your (or your ISP's) end, not at MSFN's. Maybe some additional whitelisting is needed? Every time ISPs add "smarter AI" to their systems, dumber things start happening, you know.

    It's just a Gmail. I suppose for some, Google is technically is an ISP, though. But hopefully adding the MSFN email address to the address book will stop it from going to spam folder.

  10. Just to make people aware— my site has been down for a couple days and will continue to be for a few more. Gone are the “dark ages” of my unofficial browser installer needing my server to work, but if you try to download my installer and discover the link is broken, that is why. I will post another update when it is back online.


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  11. Also living near the Canadian border, (until my antenna blew away in a windstorm last month), I also got some Canadian stations. Ironically, due to my geography, I don't get any US stations, despite living in the US. But I'm only receiving digital stations, so i'd presume the analog stuff is more of a Rural Canada thing.

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