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  1. Probably worn belts. Probably not easy to source a replacement, but usually if you open (at your own risk, they can be complex to put back together) the drive, you can twist the belt so it forms a cross pattern, and that will provide extra tension.

    Otherwise a hard hit while it is trying to eject usually convinces those drives to open. :whistle:

    However for jumper's laptop, sounds like something else, as those "Slimline" drives don't usually have belts... :dubbio:

  2. 1 hour ago, 3dreal said:

    so to make the browser_installation working on restricted account i must

    1. delete all there folders. 2.

    installation in restricted account with admin-privileges right? i can give the installer these right without changing the account itself. i will try. pls confirm first action of removal. will run ccleaner and regvac afterwards before new installations.

    yes. remove the program folders (profile folders can stay with the exception of KMgoanna if you have that, which you should back up manually.)
    Then proceed to use the installer in your normal method on your normal account, as you have before the most recent version.

  3. 9 hours ago, roytam1 said:

    OK thanks, it is nice to see it run on bare metal of old hardware.

    then I'd keep IA32 branch intact. what else build should I build? as it is predicted pm28/bnav build will be almost the same performance as sp52.

    A modern Opera Presto browser! :whistle:

    -kidding! Kidding! 
    I know you’re a mozilla guy...

     I’m not really sure, at this moment... I will try to think of a good thing, I suppose there is the question, what can you build that you haven't yet? :dubbio:

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  4. 55 minutes ago, 3dreal said:

    The three browsers are shown on desktop of administrator account. Trying to install ontop of existing browser in restricted account with admin-right failed or i cannot find. they are visible in program(programme-folder). so it seems i must remove them. no deinstaller then?

    Yes, no uninstaller exists at this time. I believe running the installer on the administrator account has modified permissions on the folder, so thats why the installer can’t automatically upgrade.

    sorry for the confusion 


  5. @roytam1 It looks like you have now seen your own proof it works without SSE, but here is mine anyway, just in case you want to see.


    The browser is a bit sluggish, as expected, due to no real GPU and an old budget processor, but it does indeed work on this MMX-only Mendocino CPU.





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  6. 5 hours ago, 3dreal said:

    WOW-big christmas present also for my pension on my SSE-PC.
    But: 1a) it will still give the already posted error-only i have to ignore..-see image.

    2a) I ran the installer in administrator-account, i start-section i remove the old links which i set.. Have now these problems:
    2b) Where to see in browser which version?
    2c) i only see my browsers: Firefox Nightly 45.9.18(blue), KM_Goana, Palemoon SSE in administrators-account.
    in restricted account i see only Firefox 4530(6050) ESR. 6050 not shown in browser. In Programme(german)-folder i see palemoonsse and km-goanna(with its resp. subfolders) but they are empty(restricted account, i installed in admin-account. FF 45.30 ESR i see but where is FF45SSE Nightly(

    Before installer worked i had to start from folders and start-links were set.
    Can only run the three installed browsers in administrator-account!


    1a. I still cannot replicate that error on any of my machines.

    2 a, b and c:
    Sorry, i didnt mean literally the "Administrator" account, just an account with admin privileges. please install from your normal account as you were doing, because if it worked before you evidently have sufficient rights there.



    Also, @roytam1 I can provide that screenshot you ask for when i get home later today

  7. 19 hours ago, roytam1 said:

    branch will be renamed to SSE later.

    Even though it works on MMX-only??
    forgot to mention till now, but it does not still work on the K6, as I expected, due to the K6 having a half-baked MMX. I do not beleive this to be a bug.
    But as I believe I stated, the serpent IA32 build works completely fine on my Mendocino 500MHz PII-Based Celeron with MMX only and not any SSE.


    Here's even a shot of it running on the MMX-only mendocino



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  8. Turns out it was because the AMD K6 seemingly doesnt have a full MMX implementation.
    Serpent IA32 works fine on the Mendocino (full MMX)


    Announcing browser installer version 3.1!

    Change Log:

    -Added Support for Serpent IA32
    -added message to warn users to run as Admin
    -updated serpent info in the info section

    As always, get it here:

  9. I tried the new serpent build on an even older PC, since I saw "ia32" I figured it didn't even need SSE. However it does not appear to run. Does the Serpent ia32 build require SSE, and as such is a bit mislabeled, or is NoSSE support just not working right now but intended to be at some point?

  10. Hi RoyTam1, tested your Serpent 52 Non-SSE2 test build, It's working beautifully on my Pentium III 1.4GHz. Once I finish tweaking it I expect it to run even better. But even as of now, discord web (which, if you aren't familiar, is very bloated and slow, even a bit sluggish on my Core Duo ThinkPad) is quite usable on the PIII using that browser. It's truly amazing. I'd imagine you may find more optimizations to make, as the build is in it's infancy.
    Keep up the good work, dude!


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  11. 16 hours ago, mockingbird said:


    Can I use your installer to update a previous installation?

    Like win32 said, yep! even k-meleon, i made it back up the profile first for that one, since its in the program folder. planning on making it more seamless for other browsers (as in, not deleting the UOC patch if installed)

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  12. 19 hours ago, VistaLover said:

    Well, if you want a Chromium 69 based browser that is able to run on XP (and Vista!), we already have it by now: it's 360 Extreme Explorer by QiHoo ;) (11 version recently updated to build 2251, i.e. v11.0.2251.0, official site here).

    What ever happened to that effort to port stock chromium?

  13. My first that I really owned was a Compaq Presario 1065. I got it in maybe 2011 or so. (For the curious: Win95A, 16MB RAM, 1-ish GB hard drive.) The second, a couple years later, was a V2 Premier system (P4 3.4GHz, 512mb ram, 180GB hard drive, XP Home) The Presario lives on but the V2 Premier POSTed more and more intermittently until it outright refused to. Pretty sure it was the CPU that died, but the motherboard got damaged in storage so i couldn't verify that.

    These systems were both hand-me-downs from where  my parents work.

  14. 5 minutes ago, Dave-H said:

    I'm not sure why the problem of the incompatible SHA-2 signing is only a problem with Microsoft Update, and not with the standalone installers.
    Obviously I'm very glad that the standalone installers still work, but why don't they fail as well?

    I'm just speculating here, but I bet that the part where they fail is when MU says "verifying download", doesn't see a valid SHA-1 cert, and fails. The Standalone updates either don't check, or use their own/more basic integrity checking method.

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