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  1. 1:33AM here, 10:33PM in Redmond, I may have just played my last checkers game... it all depends WHEN on 31 july MS shuts it down, if i get to play again when i wake up.

    ...if they even remember to. :whistle:

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  2. 18 hours ago, siria said:


    Uhm... just wondering (am not using it myself), but what does that mean? Does the installer delete the whole old program folder?? If yes, it's important to know that unlike other browsers, in KM some user customizations are stored outside the profile... Mainly toolbars.cfg (gets edited), usually all macros and extensions go in the app folders too (except if a user knows exactly what he's doing, does NOT follow the usual instructions and creates himself the matching folders manually in the profile)

    What i mean is that it WAS an issue in previous versions and NOW it's fixed.
    I am very well aware of how the k-meleon profiles differ from the other browsers at this point.

  3. Along with the typical configuration neccesary to allow updating to the lastest builds for users of my Browser Installer, I am pleased to present version 1.2 of my installer!

    Change Log:

    -Updated information section to talk about more things

    -Added reminder of your architecture (x86 vs x64) to choice screens with 32 and 64 bit builds

    -Added CPU info screen to info section

    - The installer now contacts my new domain (i430vx.net) for the builds list, not that this matters because the old one will remain connected

    (I tried to fix the problem of it not erroring out without an internet connection, it didn't work, will fix next time)

    -I cant remember exactly when i fixed this, but its worth mentioning that K-Meleon profiles will no longer be nuked into oblivion by my installer.


    As always, inform me of any features you want or bugs you find.
    (I see a small formatting issue with the cpu reminder, it'll be fixed for the next version :) )

    Download the installer from it's usual place:
    http://i430vx.net/files/XP/RoyTam Browser Installer.exe

    A strange bug happened when i copied the installer over to my server tonight. The server seems to beleive that the installer is dated from The Beginning of time! :w00t:
    Thankfully the file being dated as 49 years old does not seem to adversely affect anything.


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  4. "*For some reason, the update check doesn’t seem to fail if you aren’t connected to the Internet and creates the Program Files folders and shortcuts with no content anyway. I forgot to plug in the network cable and kept thinking something was wrong lol... "


    "* On Vista x64 the browser installs to Program Files (x86) even when choosing the 64-bit builds for some reason. "


    "* Perhaps add a way to “update” the browser and register it as a default browser with OS file associations if the user chooses to do so. "

    Well, the installer is already capable of updating old versions to a newer one, presuming you installed the old version with it. The browsers are capable of setting file associations themselves, they usually nag you about it on the first run, if not you can set it in their settings dialog.

    "* (Not sure how this would be done) Check whether the system is 32-bit/64-bit and has SSE or SSE2 first and adjust the options presented accordingly (maybe add a flag if running the exe from the command line that can disable the check in case someone is downloading for another system or something). "

    I already have code to check if the system is 64 bit or not, so I can display that, I'm not sure how to "look for" SSE and SSE2.
    I'm not going to prohibit installing the wrong builds for the system architecture though, someone may have a reason for wanting to do so.

    "* Add an install path option that either installs to %AppData% directory or %ProgramFiles% directories, or allow a custom specification of where it goes. "

    Maybe at another time, that would be a lot of work to the code (well, more than I have time to do today)

    The fixes and features I've mentioned adding here (except for the last one) Will be published tonight, probably around the time RoyTam1 publishes his new browser builds.

  5. What about... yes?



  6. You can download a new (FF53+) theme that you like, extract the xpi with 7 zip or maybe winrar, it's just a fancy zip.

    Inside you'll see the actual banner image, which is the theme. You can get the "Personas Plus" add-on for the Classic Addons Archive, which you can use the image you extracted to remake the theme using this add-on.

    More information on using Personas Plus:

    This isnt a beautiful process, but it works fine.

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