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  1. I will make custom Windows 7 installation in order to reduce time to install driver Anyone knows drivers pack for Windows 7 which include chipset or whatelse for earlier generation hardware (such Core) to later hardware (such Skylake) drivers? I don't care about the size because it will using USB drive as media instead DVD
  2. Hmmm, is it works with laptop? Because you provide the desktop driver hehehe
  3. I had running ASUS X200CA with Windows XP but the CPU clock speed runs constantly which making laptop feels hot and drains battery quickly, that's why I didn't want running XP on my new K401LB to avoid them frying (due overheating). So is any possible to manage CPU (primarily Ivy Bridge and later) properly to make laptop runs cooler so no overheating and battery efficient? Because Intel DPTF and CPCC not supported in XP
  4. One more, Celeron 1007U processor clock speed goes high constantly because SpeedStep doesn't work so it make ASUS X200CA laptop temperature very hot. My current analytics was no Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework driver, so anything else make Ivy Bridge C-stepping and SpeedStep working in XP?
  5. I've tried install Windows 2000 on ASUS X200CA and my Core i3 desktop (H61 mobo) and the installer itself using XP-based NTDETECT.COM. When in Windows 2000 Setup and pressing F5 to choose ACPI PC (as blackwingcat suggest) but it ended up with BSOD, using IDE mode instead AHCI (strange huh?). W2K setup with XP-based NTDETECT runs flawlessly without BSOD in Toshitba NB305 netbook (in AHCI mode, but no HDD detected ). Any solution about that? It's ending me to installing Windows XP on ASUS X200CA (unfortunatelly it was stripped version so not every features works) One more, when I use W2k setup with Intel AHCI slipstreamed it say "iaStor.sys is corrupted" then ending to setup fail, strangely Windows XP can detect sys file flawlessly (although it was NT 5.x based kernel). Why? I'm sorry if it's OOT (because bringing XP), because I'm mainly discussing W2K here. Thanks
  6. I recently installing XP on ASUS X200CA, but after installation it has no battery indicator. I am really troubled to find ACPI driver to make battery indicator available, so help me to find them. The Hardware Ids is ACPI /ACPI0003 and ACPI /PNP0C0A, I believe the drivers was included in Windows 7. Then, anyone know Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework drivers works for XP? One more, how to connect WiFi in XP? I've installing WiFi manager, driver, and ATK. The result, the Wi-Fi indicator lights on but the Wi-Fi still not detects access point Thanks
  7. Okay, I tried experimenting installing W2K in Ivy Bridge platform (on my Core i3-3220 powered desktop and Celeron 1007U powered ASUS X200CA laptop). I've make the USB setup with WinSetupFromUSB (which include any F6 drivers), but when I start W2K text setup it gets 0x0000007B error even I using custom NTDETECT.COM file. But in XP works normally Help me to make W2k setup runs correctly without BSOD? But XP setup runs as normal?!
  8. The API changes happened same in Vista to 7. I know the API changed in XP, but I hope KernelEx will works (as it can run XP apps in 2000 due to extended kernel changes). However, how I can slipstream the AHCI driver properly without "file corrupt" error when setup? But it was 2014 driver, meanwhile 940M released in March 2015. I'm doubt it will works, so I will use HD Graphics instead My throught about this was not easy, I hope this laptop has UEFI-CSM support so it can boot both UEFI and BIOS respectively.
  9. So Windows 2000 can run on modern machine as Windows XP (W2K and XP has same kernel) and the XP drivers can be used in W2K I will buying ASUS K401LB which powered by Intel Broadwell platform, I want install Windows 2000 Pro just for fun and programming along with Windows 10 Pro on this laptop. So any drivers works for Windows 2000? I've tried slipstreamed Fernando's modded driver (do you know that?) on W2K, but when setup initializing then the message said "iaStor.sys is corrupted" then setup fail. Or any helps to slipstream Fernando's driver to W2K with nLite? And I want install Windows 10 x64 with UEFI so booting on "ASUS" logo will seamless, but how to install W2K in UEFI? I think MBR based VHD will works, any suggestion? Last, I want the GeForce 940M driver for Windows XP. Do you know the driver truly support XP? So I can install in W2K with some efforts And which anything required to make W2K runs optimally on Broadwell laptop? Thanks
  10. Hello MSFN, my first time to post Hmmm can it works with Windows 2000? Because I wanted to install W2K on planned Broadwell x Maxwell powered ASUS K401LB laptop along with Windows 10 x64

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