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  1. I had the pin to start option turned off in the startisback properties, but turning it on doesn't give me a pin to start menu option.
  2. I don't have that shell extension.
  3. Pin to start menu? Where the hell is that at? I only see pin to start in right click menu.
  4. I'm supposed to use the pin to start in the right click menu to put things on the start menu right? If so it doesn't do anything for me.
  5. So maybe I'm dumb but I can't pin anything to the start menu. What's up with that? Right clicking on a program icon and choosing pin to start does nothing. Wrong version.
  6. Already turned the computer on and off, didn't fix it. So I fixed the icons by rebuilding the windows icon cache. But now this happened, see those two little white lines on the bottom left? That's the windows 10 start menu icon. The task bar randomly shoved itself down there for some reason, and no auto hide is off and it's never been on. This is not exactly the experience I was expecting when I downloaded this. Is this in beta or something? Turned the task bar green.
  7. Only started using this today, why are some icons just blank squares? If I drag them to the desktop they show up fine.

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