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  1. It is windowsxp-kb4500331-x86-embedded. Download from the Microsoft update catalog for Windows XP embedded. I only have the Swedish version.
  2. Strangely enough, this worked fine! But difficult to understand why. I had about the same problem with v 5.58, but it worked after many attempts. Is there any difference between the slim version and the average one? Can I find the slim version at the same place next time - Ccleaner is updated rather often... Anyway, thank you very much!
  3. Hi, I downloaded the latest version of Ccleaner 5.59, but this doesn´t work in Windows XP embedded (all updates). The file is unpacked but then nothing happens. I tried to uninstall the earlier version completely, but this didn´t help. Any idea?
  4. I was hoping for something along the following lines (I take myself as an example): During patch tuesday in November I had Microsoft Update (MU) to install the following files: KB4047211 KB4048968 KB4048970 KB4047206 KB4050795 and later on (Nov 28) KB4049068 These are the updates for Nov 2017 if the system was fully updated until Nov-17. Then it would be easy for all those who have difficulties with MU to download and install manually instead of trixing during long time with the buggy MU. When the updates are installed svchost is behaving normally. Anyway, I managed to cooperate with MU yesterday and installed the following files: KB4052303 KB4051956 KB4052978 So everything is OK for now, but there are new patch tuesdays to come every month until April 2019. I think we could help each other according to these lines... Jiger
  5. Does anyone know where to find and manually download the latest updates (Dec 2017) for Windows XP Embedded. It is just taking too much of time, energy and anger to try and use Windows Update as you all know. Could you name the actual updates, so it´s easier to find and download them. Jiger
  6. Jiger


    I have of course Net Framework 4 installed and I am not going to uninstall and reinstall, as I will (feel forced to) buy a new Windows 10 machine soon.
  7. Jiger


    When I try to install the update from WU, just nothing happens and when I run the file ( NDP40-KB3135993-X86_D7F3F1D40B58935F52381123D60F19B22CFCC872.exe) downloaded from here, I get an error message like "KB3135993 is not valid or blocked by another state in the machine" Has anyone else met with this? Any suggestion on how to solve this?

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